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26 October 2010

Hmmm. I need to analyze this situation very, very carefully.[More:]So the Discovery Kids channel on TV just changed to a more generic "family oriented" channel, called the Hub channel for whatever reason.

Every night now, they show two episodes of Happy Days, one of Laverne and Shirley, * and one of the 60s Batman. I don't think I've seen any episodes of the latter two in at least 15 years. And I'm now finding myself glued to the TV for these two hours (doing something else useful of course like knitting), trying to figure out what they had in mind when writing dialog like that, marveling at the plot holes that I did not know about as a child, unable to tear myself away. Every night.

What, O what, great hive mind, does this all mean?!

* Actually, despite the cheesiness, this is a fascinating show. I have not seen better physical comedy between two women before or since.
I need to analyze this situation very, very carefully.

With all due respect, I beg to differ. If you enjoy it, watch it!
posted by amro 26 October | 16:01
It means you're entertained. That's great!
posted by bearwife 26 October | 16:07
Woops, sorry, forgot to indicate that the ironic meter was on. But yes! I am definitely entertained! :)
posted by Melismata 26 October | 16:15

I highly recommend the one about the miracle salve.
posted by Madamina 26 October | 16:27
It must be noted that the rebranding of Discovery Kids to The Hub is based on a partnership with Hasbro, thus the presence of "ALL NEW" Transformers and My Little Pony shows on the schedule (plus, apparently, game shows based on classic board games). It has allowed them to open some of the schedule to "not just kids but the whole family". And since they KNEW they'd be accused of running "half-hour commercials" for the toys, they've limited the number of official commercials-per-hour more than any other ad-supported channel on cable.

I also approve of "Laverne & Shirley", but think Lucille Ball & Vivian Vance did it just as well (and more on the post-Desi "Lucy Show" than on "I Love Lucy"). But it's true, nobody's done it better since. And it also had Lenny & Squiggy, played my Michael McKean and Dsvid L. Lander, who I was fans of ever since they did radio comedy in the '60s with Harry Shearer as "The Credibility Gap" (where they did the L&S characters under different names - what, you think the producers came up with them?). They were like "Firesign Theater" but less random and more direct-parody-based (for AM radio). And while Lander's poor health has been the reason we haven't heard much from him for a long while, McKean & Shearer have done nothing since that isn't brilliant. I follow both on Twitter. McKean, Shearer.
posted by oneswellfoop 26 October | 16:46
I haven't watched Laverne and Shirley in decades. I've thought about it but been afraid to try, afraid that it would not travel well, that it would look dated, weird or otherwise impossible to watch, different than the show I loved all those years ago. But you have given me hope! I don't know if my kids have ever even seen it but maybe now they will.

The original Batman, on the other hand, I watch every time it sort of surfaces into my consciousness or becomes available because that shit is just GOOD no matter what year it was produced.
posted by mygothlaundry 26 October | 16:49
I LOVE Laverne & Shirley. A very underrated show with 2 very underrated performers. I was just preaching the Gospel of L&S to my husband the other day, saying that watching L&S in the 70s as a young girl taught me that it was ok for girls to be a little rough, a little wacky, and it was ok for you live your life for yourself and your best friend, not some guy... but kissing guys was fun too :D

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, milk and Pepsi do NOT hit the spot. learned that one the hard way.
posted by evilcupcakes 26 October | 20:20
That's fascinating, oneswellfoop. Thanks so much for the info.
posted by Melismata 27 October | 09:01
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