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25 October 2010

Total TMI about my nose problems. I think I am going to have to go back to the cute ENT. Stop here if nosebleeds gross you out.[More:]So I'd been having these frequent nosebleeds for years, to the point where walking down the street and merely EXISTING would cause a half-hour bleed and giant clots. No touching my nose or anything.

So we went in last week and the ENT said that his first step would be to do a chemical cauterization of the blood vessels down in the lower area. I think the bad bleeds were up top, in scope territory, but we tried this to start with. It stung, but I lived.

My question/problem: have any of you ever had cauterization? I know it's a pretty standard thing and all, but I worry that he didn't tell me anything about how it was supposed to be afterwards, and now I've completely fucked it up. Like, "There will be a giant scab but whatever you do, don't pick at it because that's the part that we want to turn into scar tissue."

Because it was immediately and horribly dry and crusty and painful. And now, a week later, I've had horrible dry crusties alternating with low-level bleeds pretty much all the time, particularly when I wake up. It itches and irritates and scrapes and just generally hurts like hell. It is Not Fun.

And I HAD to pick at it. I HAD to.

(I'm sorry...)
I have not had this problem but I am sorry you are experiencing it.

Low level bleed sounds better than the full tilt nosebleeds that your were having before the procedure. Hopefully you have not ruined the procedure. I think the doctor would give explicit instructions not to pick is this were a concern. I have no idea though.

Sorry you are in pain. Get well soon.
posted by LoriFLA 25 October | 17:52
I used to get nosebleeds from stress. I once got one during a contest exam. I can't remember when they stopped. Maybe they didn't but I'm just less stressed.
posted by Obscure Reference 25 October | 18:13
I'm worried about the itching and pain. I'd notify cute ENT right away. You don't want to leave an infection untreated. (Um, and don't touch, girl. You know better.)
posted by bearwife 25 October | 19:21
I had cauterization in my nose when I was about 18. It did take a fair amount of time to heal, and it left some scar tissue which occasionally bleeds still (but nothing like as bad as it did before the procedure).

Why not just call the office? They'll be able to tell you whether this is in the realm of normal.

And do keep your hands away from it, no matter how tempted you are. I know, it's humiliating. I had to go to school with a wad of cotton sticking out of my nose :(.
posted by Miko 25 October | 19:24
Yeah, I'm going to call the office tomorrow. Before I left the office, I'd asked what I should look out for, or what would bring me back in. He said "a nosebleed," but this has just been so gradual but irritating that I feel like it's on the edge. but seeing as I can't really go through my day without worrying if I should bring my Kleenex with me, it's probably worth going in.
posted by Madamina 25 October | 21:02
My eldest daughter had this done when she was about 10 due to constant nosebleeds. She was told not to touch it while it healed and she had a little bit of minor bleeding while that happened but it solved the problem completely.
posted by dg 25 October | 21:22
All the time I lived in Southern California (birth to 27 years old) I had nose bleeds. And, like yours, they would start for no apparent reason. I was also told the only way to stop them was to get cauterization. No thanks! I had fewer bleeds while I lived in Texas and have had less than five since I moved to the Pacific Northwest 11 years ago. Yay for humidity!


So, anyway. Cauterization isn't the only solution - you could move!
posted by deborah 25 October | 22:30
I was terrified of cauterization but in my experience, it was almost a non-event. I felt nothing, and the doc just took a long Qtip, soaked it in some stuff, and rolled it around my nose. I was all "what - that was it?" Really not a thing. The healing was annoying but the procedure itself was nothing.
posted by Miko 25 October | 22:37
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