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18 October 2010

Halloween help.. [More:]I need ideas for what to wear for halloween. Please help!
Difficulty: I swallowed a basketball (8 months pregnant.)
PS...I'm black.
PPS...i'll have a 2 year old Barney following me.

Hi everybody...missed ya!
posted by plinth 18 October | 14:32
Didn't Barney have a green dinosaur friend? Sarah maybe?
posted by youngergirl44 18 October | 14:35
Hey ramix...whasnew?!

Plinth, you made me spill water on my keyboard! :)

A devil's costume?

Somewhere online (too lazy to look it up) there was a costume of an oven with a sign on it saying "there's a bun in the oven."
posted by Melismata 18 October | 14:39
When I was 8 months pregnant we were in a new neighborhood and we didn't get any trick or treaters at all. Then at 9pm the doorbell rang and it was a teenaged boy dressed like a pregnant woman. He got all our candy.

Otherwise, there are lots of ideas out in google-land. I like the ones where you paint your belly and it's a feature of the costume. Basketball, baseball, jack-o-lantern, globe, pumpkin in a patch. Here's a bunch of ideas.
posted by CathyG 18 October | 15:11
Pregnant nun is a classic. Also pregnant Catholic schoolgirl.

Ooh, how about wearing a green dress covered with tinsel and ornaments and going as a Christmas tree?
posted by JoanArkham 18 October | 17:45
posted by The Whelk 18 October | 17:59
I TOTALLY misread this post at first glance as a riddle. Why is it that an image of the interrogation droid from Star Wars popped into my head??

You could actually go as a basketball, that might be kind of funny. Or paint your stomach to look like a jack o' lantern (if your modest, you could just sew a panel on a green shirt or something). Or a dinosaur egg, to keep with the Barney theme.
posted by evilcupcakes 18 October | 18:37
I found a few suggestions online and provide the less offensive ones:

* Pregnant nun
* Pregnant cheerleader
* Pregnant bride
* Pregnant angel
* Pregnant cat (attach lots of nipples to a black outfit)

I was also tickled by this maternity T shirt, which glows in the dark, and this idea for your expanded area, though I'd probably paint the word on a Tshirt or something else that is warmer than paint on bare skin.
posted by bearwife 18 October | 19:34
I vote for the pregnant nun. Too bad you can't be smoking at the same time.
posted by ethylene 18 October | 20:00
Pregnant nun for the win...:)
posted by ramix 18 October | 20:10
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