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12 October 2010

Tuesday Night Lyrics Challenge. . . The only common demonimator . . .I love all these songs.[More:]

1. Eye cream and thigh cream, how 'bout a get high cream

2. How'r you gonna make your way in the world, woman, when you're not cut out for working

3. I raise my arm against it all and catch the bride's bouquet

4. I left his dead ass there by the side of the road

5. You were thowing your shoes right up over the wire

6. I'm not the cheatin' kind, it snuk up from behind

7. And I'm not gonna play your game anymore

8. Can't be singing louder than the guns. . .

9. It's time to tell the truth. These things have to be faced

10. Oh won't you come with me, and take my hand. . .

(It may be 0730, PDT before I get back to adjudicate. . . .)
Oh fuck. . MI, please? Fucking Zinfandel anyway. . .
posted by danf 12 October | 21:57
Thank you. . .
posted by danf 12 October | 22:00
#4 is Me and My Uncle by John Phillips (mostly known via the Dead)
posted by octothorpe 12 October | 22:12
#8 is When I'm Gone by Phil Ochs - one of my favorite songs since I was a teenager. It still chokes me up.

#10 - In-a-Gadda-da-Vida
posted by Miko 12 October | 22:29
Funny, I never imagined that there could be more than one song with the line "You were throwing up on your shoes." But #5 is not "Lilacs in Ohio" by John Hiatt, which also features that line.
posted by mudpuppie 12 October | 23:12
I'm completely at a loss on these.
posted by BoringPostcards 13 October | 07:07
True mudpuppie. Not throwing up on your shoes. . but throwing your shoes up. Um, no. . .not that either exactly.

Miko and octothorpe. . .correct on your guesses.
posted by danf 13 October | 07:39
7 feels like it could be anything... quite a common sentiment in songs.

But it might be The Byrds. Don't know the name of the song, though.
posted by gaspode 13 October | 09:28
#9 Indoor Fireworks, Elvis Costello.
posted by chococat 13 October | 09:31
Gaspode, correct. .Feel a Whole Lot Better. . .the most covered song ever, in that era, by high school bands.

chococat, correct.
posted by danf 13 October | 09:49
So we have 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 left.
posted by danf 13 October | 09:51
#5. . .Easy Bake Ovens by Girlyman.

I doubt that anyone would have gotten that one.
posted by danf 13 October | 10:03
While #3 is not from the Cohen's "Hallelujah" it can totally be sung to the tune!
posted by rainbaby 13 October | 10:37
OK. In the interests of closure, here are the rest:

1. Sleater-Kinney, Ballad of a Lady Man
2. Warren Zevon, The French Inhaler
3. Leonard Cohen, The Gypsy's Wife
6. The Wailin' Jennys (and Annabel Chvostek), Devil's Paintbrush Road
posted by danf 13 October | 10:38
Good guess, rainbaby. . .
posted by danf 13 October | 10:39
Hallelu. . .yay

I was halfway close! Cool.
posted by rainbaby 13 October | 10:41
human 8-bit video || First of 33 trapped miners reaches surface