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07 October 2010

Ridley Scott to executive produce four-part BBC1 adaptation of Philip K Dick's The Man in the High Castle[More:]I'm pretty excited and pretty nervous about this. High Castle is one of my favorite books, I've read it at least four times, and I'd hate to see it butchered. But as far as format goes, a BBC is probably the best possibility.
I;ve read most of PKD's books, but the plot of this one escapes me. I'm all in favor of seeing any of his books made into movies, but then I enjoyed almost every movie they've made so far including "Scanners" and "Total Recall."
posted by cjorgensen 07 October | 22:38
I've also read that the BBC is going to do an adaptation of Douglas Adams' two "Dirk Gently" books, and I remain skeptical they can capture all the crazy little nuances that made those books great. But I'll still check it out.
posted by BoringPostcards 08 October | 01:34
I'm ...actually looking foward to this. Wondering if Scott could do the dreamy hallucinatory non-ending justice.
posted by The Whelk 08 October | 08:12
I've always thought that the ending was perfect, I hope that they don't change it.
posted by octothorpe 08 October | 11:19
Ridley Scott? Wow, I'm totally in.

True story: one day I was sitting chatting with one of my internet buddies, who collects books, and I told him how much I'd enjoyed the last few PKD books I'd read, especially VALIS. A little later he asked my mailing address explaining he had a little something he wanted to send me.

It was a first edition, in nearly flawless shape, of "The Man in the High Castle" - PKD's first book. I read the whole thing through, then I chatted up my buddy and I was like 'hey, did you realize this was a first edition you sent me here?' and he was like "yeah, did you enjoy it?" and I told him I had. I thanked him, figuring he must have dropped a good chunk of change on it - $60, or maybe even a hundred.

Few years later I found out what it was really worth and offered to send it back to him. He wouldn't hear of it.
posted by ikkyu2 08 October | 22:55
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