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06 October 2010

Should I eat it? [More:]
An untouched piece of plain cheesecake, bought last Thursday from a restaurant, kept in a styrofoam take-out container and refrigerated. Smells and looks normal, but it's been nearly a week. What do you think?
Ew, no!! Cheesecake for breakfast? Save it for lunch!
posted by sambosambo 06 October | 10:32
I didn't mean FOR BREAKFAST. Sheesh. I have apple pie for that.
posted by desjardins 06 October | 10:36
If it's from a restaurant it probably already waited for a week before being served, yes?

I am all in favor of desserts for breakfast!
posted by casarkos 06 October | 10:41
Maybe you should have it for breakfast. Most important cheesecake of the day. If you skip it you'll probably get cranky later.
posted by sambosambo 06 October | 10:46
I'll eat it.
posted by mullacc 06 October | 10:47
I'd eat it. I think your worst problem would be that it will have absorbed refrigerator smell into it.
posted by Stewriffic 06 October | 11:00
What, no cold pizza?
posted by Madamina 06 October | 11:32
Absolutely. The sugar will preserve it. Not to mention the fridge. Save me a bite!
posted by serazin 06 October | 11:46
Definitely! Cheese (even cream cheese) is one of those foods that's already bad. You'll be fine!
posted by Miko 06 October | 11:51
If it's from a restaurant it probably already waited for a week before being served, yes?

Also, yes, in my restaurant career I served many a cheesecake that was months old, then defrosted, then served out gradually for 2 weeks or so. Quite common. It doesn't get hard around the edges because you tuck Saran wrap tightly around it.
posted by Miko 06 October | 11:52
What?! I can't believe you let cheesecake sit around for a week. What an abomination.
Also, can I have a bite?
posted by moonshine 06 October | 12:46
It was around for a week because we also had cookies and pie. :/
posted by desjardins 06 October | 13:17
Yes. EAT IT.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 October | 15:37
Might be a bit dried out and not as tasty.
posted by gomichild 06 October | 17:39
I'd hit eat it.
posted by dg 06 October | 21:54
UPDATE: My husband ate it.
posted by desjardins 07 October | 08:10
So, how much life insurance does he have? and are you a rich widow yet? jk, I'd have eaten it.
posted by theora55 07 October | 08:39
Life is short. Eat dessert first.
posted by workerant 07 October | 15:47
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