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02 October 2010

AARGH automatic wondows settings! Help! A friend of mine was visiting from Italy and used my laptop. Now anytime there's a link to anything vaguely Google, Facebook, Kayak, etc., as soon as I click on it, it leads me into his settings. So if I try to "like" something it comes up automatically as "Federico piace X".[More:]
He logged out of Facebook and I still have to log into it so it's not that.
where can I alter this? Help! (I run IE)
can't believe I just wrote wondows, wondows???
( In bed with massive headcold is my excuse!)
posted by Wilder 02 October | 07:12
Why don't you leave it that way? It's a way of learning some italian.

What type of wondows do you run?
In XP you can go to settings> Regional and Language options > Languages > Details > [mark english as default input language]
posted by jouke 02 October | 08:15
It is already set to English but I went to advanced and I went to advanced and asked it to apply this to all user accounts etc.,

That hasn't helped. :(
It mainly happens when I link into various Blogs via twitter which are set up with Facebook, Twitter, Google etc., embedded.
then I see something like this

At the bottom of the page it's Italian Facebook.

(and I don't mind it, my Italian isn't as good as my other Euro Languages but the people I normally share Likes with are starting to complain, and Federico's friends think he wants to be a doctor because of the likes so it doesn't suit either of us for this to continue!)

Thanks jouke!
posted by Wilder 02 October | 08:31
I think each of the "partner sites" has you logged in as your friend. You might need to wipe IE preferences and cache and start over.
posted by JoanArkham 02 October | 08:38
IE preferences has a preferred language setting as well.
The browser sends that to these sites telling them that you prefer to be addressed in italian.
posted by jouke 02 October | 09:16
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