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30 September 2010

Happy birthday to oneswellfoop!
Yay birthday!
posted by sperose 30 September | 08:43
Happy Birthday!
posted by brujita 30 September | 08:48
hey! hope it's a good one!
posted by richat 30 September | 09:03
Happy birthday!
posted by flex 30 September | 09:15
Happy birthday!
posted by box 30 September | 09:40
And many happy returns of the foop!
posted by Elsa 30 September | 10:33
Happy birthday!!
posted by LoriFLA 30 September | 11:35
Yay! Happy Birthday!
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posted by Senyar 30 September | 11:51
Happy Birthday!
posted by arse_hat 30 September | 11:56
Happy birthday!
I was always parsing your name as one fell swoop
posted by ramix 30 September | 12:35
foop is a word just like smurf.
Happy foopday and I wish you many years in good foop.
Hartelijk gefoept!
posted by jouke 30 September | 12:37
Thank you all; I had intended to spend the day in quiet seclusion but a birthday phone call from my cranky old father killed that plan (you know how hard it is for an old crank to do well-wishing? or how entertaining?)

One Swell Foop is an officially designated spoonerism for One Fell Swoop (and for the record, I started using it two years before Piers Anthony; but then my favorite part of his books is the bad punning).

And yes, Foop is an all-purpose word. It's very foopy, foops well with others, practices foopery, can be full frontal foop and is often foopist. So foop you.
posted by oneswellfoop 30 September | 13:54
I hope it's the foopiest of burfdays!!
posted by deborah 30 September | 14:21
For me, "swell foop" is inextricably linked to Peter Sellers. So, 'appy birs-day to you.
posted by Wolfdog 30 September | 14:48
bappy hirthday!
posted by plinth 30 September | 15:28
Have a good one!
posted by rainbaby 30 September | 15:40
Well without going all foopy on you, happy birthday!
posted by danf 30 September | 16:39
Happy birthday! You are in fact a totally swell human being, and it is a privilege to be a fellow MeCha and Mefi of yours.
posted by bearwife 30 September | 17:04
Foopy foopday!
posted by youngergirl44 30 September | 17:12
Happy birthday!!
posted by Stewriffic 30 September | 18:00
~*~*~*~Happy Birthday~*~*~*~
posted by amyms 30 September | 21:33
Happy Birthday!!!
posted by Twiggy 30 September | 23:57
Happy Birthday!!
posted by redvixen 01 October | 09:23
Happy Foopday! Enjoy it.
posted by toastedbeagle 01 October | 12:19
A day late, but Happy Birthday nonetheless!
posted by joedan 01 October | 21:01
Help me pick paint. || Hogwarts finally gets the internet