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27 September 2010

Both Google and I share a birthday Happy birthday Google!
Happy Birthday to You, Whelk!!
posted by bearwife 27 September | 15:18
Yay for 2 birthdays!
posted by sperose 27 September | 15:22
Happy birthday Whelk. Now remember. . .don't be evil.
posted by danf 27 September | 15:43
Happy b-day!
posted by Stewriffic 27 September | 15:52
Happy birthday Whelk!
posted by flex 27 September | 15:55
posted by CitrusFreak12 27 September | 16:26
Wonder what happens when someone presses The Whelk's "I'm Feeling Lucky" button?
posted by pjern 27 September | 17:16
So I Googled "How old is The Whelk?" and it gave me nothing of use. I then tried its upstart competitor (in a specific kind of search), Wolfram Alpha, and it gave me a bunch of nutritional information about whelks. Apparently you're very high in Vitamin B12, Copper, and Selenium!

Somehow I suspect if I was to ask The Whelk how old Google is, he would be able to provide a useful answer. Thus demonstrating that The Whelk is better than Google.
posted by FishBike 27 September | 17:18
And you're both verbs, too! Happy birthday!
posted by JoanArkham 27 September | 17:51
Actually, I'm rather impressed that MeFi/MeCha's Own The Whelk is the #1 result for Googling "The Whelk". That may be a Personalized Search thing but he's also #8 on Bing.
posted by oneswellfoop 27 September | 18:35
Happy Whelky Birthday.
posted by Obscure Reference 27 September | 19:01
Happy birthday, Whelk!
posted by gaspode 27 September | 19:07
Make googley eyes! Happy B, The.
posted by rainbaby 27 September | 19:08
Well, it would be weird if only one of you shared a birthday...

Happy Birthday Whelk!
posted by pompomtom 27 September | 19:23
Happy birthday.
posted by ethylene 27 September | 19:48
Happy birthday, Whelk!
posted by box 27 September | 19:48
Hoppy Burfday!!
posted by deborah 27 September | 19:50
Happy Birthday!!
posted by rollick 27 September | 20:38
Happy birthday
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posted by arse_hat 27 September | 22:24
hehe arse-Hat

and thank you everyone!
posted by The Whelk 27 September | 22:31
Happy Belated!
posted by brujita 28 September | 00:37
How did I miss this? Many happy ones, my friend.
≡ Click to see image ≡
Yeah, I know it's a snail, not a whelk.
posted by Senyar 29 September | 04:19
happy day, Whelk, old man!
posted by flapjax at midnite 29 September | 06:52
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