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22 September 2010

oy vey (aka the 5PM MST cannot come soon enough thread) [More:]
I dig my job.

what I do NOT dig is the day when everyone else in a decision making capacity has abandoned the site or is otherwise tied up in meetings, and yours truly becomes the nexus for the OMG CAN'T WAIT shit that is both time-sensitive and client facing.

getting ahold of anyone after 3PM here is dodgy at best. what drives me bats is when I call down the admin foodchain and get nothing but voicemails too.

so... yea. Boss is gone and I just bashed together a cover letter for a Very Important Contract and sent it out under some other director's signature, basically pulling most of the content out of my ass because OMG IT'S THE DELIVERY DATE.

Boss, via txt message from an offsite meeting: "go ahead and sign for [Director], since he's not here and on deadline it's not your fault if it's wrong."

which is why I love my boss. But seriously, peoples.

Tangentially, my label maker is also apparently on the fritz, which makes me sad.

might I solicit whuffles and a martini, not necessarily in that order?
perfect. now it's raining. and me without fenders, raingear, or enclosed transportation.
posted by lonefrontranger 22 September | 17:29
I'm not sure what whuffles are, but you can totally have some. (Assuming they're not like taters.)

Today I found out maintenance people have been having sex in my office! And I eat lunch at my desk every day!
posted by JoanArkham 22 September | 18:02
Whuffl-tinis all around!
posted by Elsa 22 September | 18:12
thx Elsa. I would like to imagine that a WhuffltiniTM is some species of vodka martini involving fresh, ripe Western Slope peaches. and don't get me wrong, I loves me a gin martini, or a dirty vodka straight up, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

JoanArkham: !!! and also some WTF and ?!

srsly, that, IMO, is a killing offence.
posted by lonefrontranger 22 September | 18:18
Fresh peach whuffltini sounds fabulous. I'll meet you there, in the back of the bar. I'll bring you a change of clothes, so you'll be cozy after the ride in the rain.
posted by Elsa 22 September | 18:41
MST? Do you not observe Daylight Saving Time?
posted by Eideteker 22 September | 19:17
LFR, your day sounds like mine. The brass here has everyone jumping through their assholes over issue set X, and that leaves those of us who work on issue set Y largely at loose ends, but my boss is in North Carolina, and his boss is in godknowswhere and trying to get information from the dizzying heights of senior leadership is about as productive as trying to get actionable information to them, i.e. Not. But we're expected to chin up & carry on even though we're getting reorganized/realigned in some fashion that nobody's bothered to explain to any of us proles, and we may end up working entirely different things six weeks from now, and the learning curve is steep but, you know, see above re: chin up. I at least, when the rain came in today, had the car (since the roads here are suicide to ride). More of the same tomorrow.
posted by tortillathehun 22 September | 19:51
JoanArkham, I could not even remark upon the office-sex surprise for a bit, because that had such a whole lot of WHAT THE HELL about it. That's not the kind of office surprise you want to learn about, and I'm sorry you had to.
posted by Elsa 22 September | 20:01
I'm curious how you found out, JoanArkham?
posted by dg 22 September | 20:08
A co-worker walked in to drop off some papers and caught two people, at around 9:30 PM, in my office in the dark. No one was nekkid but one of the two "jumped up off the floor" when the door opened.

At least I'm getting a new chair and new carpet out of it...
posted by JoanArkham 23 September | 05:15
Well, that's not as exciting as it could have been. I was expecting arse-prints on the desk or maybe some, uh, residue ...
posted by dg 23 September | 17:56
PuzzGrid || I'm making Thanksgiving dinner!