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17 September 2010

Save the Date. What's cool on your calendar for, say, between now and Thanksgiving?[More:]On mine:

This Sunday: Head down to OKC for this meetup (and to meet and greet Miko!)

Sunday Oct. 10, Black Keys at Cain's Ballroom

Tuesday Oct. 12, OKC Thunder v. Memphis Grizzlies pre-season game here in Tulsa (the Thunder had a pre-season game up here last year that I attended. The crowd was rather...sparse. I'm guessing with the momentum that OKC got during last season and the playoffs, there'll be a bunch more folks there this year).

Questionable but likely: Friday, Nov. 19 Rev. Horton Heat at Cain's (I miss Dallas, and the Rev. always puts on a great show.)

Semi-questionable, but really likely: Wednesday, Nov. 24 - Dallas Mavericks at OKC Thunder (hoping to meet up with a buddy of mine from Dallas and stay the night in OKC, driving back home Thanksgiving morning).

What'cha got coming up, event-wise, MeCha?
I've got a trip to Austria to look forward to, my first vacation to mainland Europe in ten years. And tomorrow I'm going to see Clybourne Park at the Royal Court Theatre.
posted by Senyar 17 September | 18:09
Ratatat tomorrow night in Ventura, hoping to catch Bonobo and TOKiMONSTA the day after Thanksgiving in LA.
posted by filthy light thief 17 September | 18:12
Going to the Chinese Moon Festival tomorrow night.
posted by arse_hat 17 September | 18:18
Taking a week off work after my birthday.

And that's it. I really have no life.
posted by sperose 17 September | 18:23
Long weekend Oceanside on VA Beach with husband and dog!

Local theatre awards, red carpet, blah blah, catty nonsense, trying to loose weight so I can rawk the photos. And hopefully one/some of the people or shows I've been involved with or, forbid, me, will win something.

Both October events. Yay October. Also containing my wadding (Martin Short) anniversary and the husband's birth anniversary.
posted by rainbaby 17 September | 18:27
Mostly staying in for the next few months as my wife's ankle heals.

Have fun at The Black Keys, they're pretty awesome in concert.
posted by octothorpe 17 September | 18:32
I'd like to manage a Rodrigo y Gabriela show and a Great Big Sea show if I can. Not super-likely, but doable, so we'll see.

Busy making plans today to (meet with longtime internet friends and) attend the March To Keep Fear Alive - I mean, the Rally To Restore Sanity next month. Really excited about it. Hopefully the other half can come along too, they're his longtime friends as well and we never get to get away anywhere as a couple ALONE. Heh.
posted by flex 17 September | 18:56
Common Ground Fair next weekend.
posted by JanetLand 17 September | 19:10
Going to see Metafilter's Own Adam Savage (and some guy he works with) in Chapel Hill on Sunday. Also, first MeFi meetup!

Beyond that I'm not really sure. I'm not really a planner.
posted by jeoc 17 September | 19:16
Have fun at The Black Keys, they're pretty awesome in concert.

Yeah, I can't wait. I've passed up seeing them at least twice for one reason or another. Time to make right.

I've got a trip to Austria to look forward to, my first vacation to mainland Europe in ten years

So jealous (though it seems wrong that I've been to mainland EUR more recently than you have!)
posted by ufez 17 September | 19:20
November 7th I'm going to see The Wiggles at Baltimore's 1st Mariner Arena.

posted by gaspode 17 September | 19:33
Horrible Dental Surgery! And --

... nope, that's it.
posted by Elsa 17 September | 19:50
Oh! I thought of something!

In a couple of weeks, I have to choose whether to see two short silent films with the local silent film society (they describe them as "the bizarre 1916 film 'The Mystery of the Leaping Fish,' and the first episode of 'Les Vampires,' the 1915 silent shorts series that inspired Edward Gorey to pen The Gilded Bat") or to attend the big-screen showing of Evil Dead at a local theater.

The screenings overlap by about half an hour, so I can't see both, but I AM BY GOD GOING TO SEE ONE OR THE OTHER.
posted by Elsa 17 September | 19:55
So far, I'm going to see The Tallest Man on Earth a week from today in Toronto, at one of my favourite venues. Then, when that show's done, we're whipping across town to see a bunch of friends who are ALSO playing that night in the city. Should be fun!

Right now, I'm really hoping that I can get to see Mayer Hawthorne when he plays Toronto on October 15th. Love this guy, and I suspect he'll be a fantastic time live. I need to sort out child care though! I do like it when my favourite bands play Fridays, or Saturdays though...this DOES help!

Other than that, some smaller shows here in town. An old friend is having his CD release part in 3 weeks or so. He wrote and played everything on the record. He's a heck of a guy.
posted by richat 17 September | 20:25
My nephew will be born!

And I'll see a bunch of concerts.
posted by leesh 17 September | 20:28
Hmmmm. Offhand?

Halloween parties and haunted houses and such.
The Bad Roommate moving out and taking her room.
The Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert rally. Possibly with a friend that I haven't seen in ages and lives in CA.
A bunch of shows / cabaret nights / etc.
The end of one more grad school class.
Various parties / movies.
The end of summer.

It's a pretty busy / awesome time to be me.
posted by YouCanCallMeAl 17 September | 20:40
Five college visits/interviews with son. [Killing self]

But before killing self, eating here on my gulp 60th birthday.
posted by DMelanogaster 17 September | 20:41
Going hiking up in Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park at Oh-Dark-thirty Sunday, having friends in the following weekend, still hoping to hike Pike's Peak before winter, take my eldest fishing and clean out the garage. Aaaand a whole list of other aspirational things I do not actually expect to do, but will likely make plenty of noises about wanting to have finished.
posted by tortillathehun 17 September | 21:12
If all goes as I hope it goes, in October I'll have elizarde, Specklet, and theDonF in my house for several days so we can all go to 1) a Gogol Bordello show, 2) The Drive-Invasion, and 3) various forms of southern-style debauchery.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 September | 22:07
the Rev. always puts on a great show

He totally creeps me out live. But I am jealous that you're seeing the Black Keys.
posted by amro 17 September | 22:18
The screenings overlap by about half an hour, so I can't see both, but I AM BY GOD GOING TO SEE ONE OR THE OTHER.

As much as I love The Evil Dead, I'd HAVE to go for the silent films, if it was me. Because I've seen The Evil Dead already.
posted by BoringPostcards 17 September | 22:34
I'm going to a pirate-themed wedding next month, and I'm dressing as a serving wench because I'm one of the greeters. I can't decide if this is something to look forward to or something to begrudgingly endure. Maybe if I drink a bottle of rum beforehand... Yo Ho Ho!... Hmmmm.
posted by amyms 18 September | 03:32
Rally to Restore Sanity. Seriously. My mom emailed me because she wants to go. It's close enough to home that I can drive, and I told her that if she puts me up that I'll go. :-)
posted by Stewriffic 18 September | 06:12
I've got a full plate. Of course, tomorrow's mefi meetup after the Mythbuster's event on the UNC campus. Next weekend, an old college friend will be in the area, so I get to see her and her husband. In a couple of weeks we have a family wedding. I doubt we'll make the rally in DC, despite it being so close and having so many friends there - we were just there, though, and paying for dog sitters was outrageous, so I think we'll pass. We do have great sign ideas though.
The big one is our annual trip to Brazil! The doggy grandparents will come and stay with the pup for that one, so no worries there. That's the one I am most excited about. Some friends just moved to a state in the south and live Right.On.The.Beach. The only problem is that I gotta get my ass into Brazilian-bikini shape between now and then.
posted by msali 18 September | 06:20
My birthday on Monday and the Wil Wheaton-less w00tstock 2.7. Costumes are encouraged, and I was thinking of dressing as a punk-rocker, complete with wildly dyed hair.
posted by TrishaLynn 18 September | 07:32
I'm on day one of a three day weekend. Pretty much from here to "Thanksgiving" (we don't get that day off here *pouts*) is me counting days off I get, usually one extra a month.

First weekend in October is the Iwate Cricket meetup, though. Morioka has a "team" that's basically a bunch of expats (and a few Japanese people) playing cricket, but mostly drinking and standing around. And barbecue. I'll be hanging out and eating, but no playing, as I'm not officially on the team.
posted by gc 18 September | 07:56
On successive Saturdays: a pie festival, a chili cookoff, and on October 2nd, something called "Dogtoberfest", which anyone within driving distance (of Roanoke) should come to, too!
posted by Wolfdog 18 September | 07:57
TrishaLynn: I'm jealous, as I adore nearly everyone involved with w00tstock. I have a huge mancrush on Wil Wheaton.

Is this a good place to talk about how insanely jealous of Molly Lewis I am? Look at who she gets to hang out with. *more pouting*
posted by gc 18 September | 07:58
I'm going to the New York ComicCon, celebrating my 15th anniversary, getting Halloween pinup photos taken, and celebrating Halloween for at least three days. And maybe the Rally4Sanity.

Only show on the horizon is Shonen Knife.
posted by JoanArkham 18 September | 08:18
9/26- Our new (since May) pastor is formally installed.

10/1-10/2- Quick trip to Chicago for stynxno's scholarship banquet. Very quick- we'll be there about 26 hours.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 09:32
Going to Oklahoma City tomorrow for a museum conference (and MeFi meetup, of course).

A really busy October with like 4 or 5 major events at work. It's going to be madness, so no extracurricular plans that don't involve putting feet up and watching videos.

...except maybe a trip to see Leo Kottke in Ogunquit, a birthday gift from my bro.

That's really it. I'm sure I'll find more to do, as I always do, but I actually think I want to be a homebody for a while. Summer's been busy with a fair amount of travel and running around. This fall, when I have time off, will be good for nesting a bit more in the house, getting back in shape, and getting ready to host Thanksgiving.
posted by Miko 18 September | 09:35
Going to Denver on a business trip in early October. Taking my husband to a hands on cooking class (Vietnamese food) in mid October. Have a number of coupons for local restaurants we haven't tried, so we'll be doing some eating out. Going to a few plays my husband booked for us at an excellent local theatre.

The trips we are really looking forward to are at Thanksgiving, when we think we might take the dog and drive down to Cannon Beach for the long weekend, and shortly thereafter, when we are booked for a week in December on Grand Bahama Island in the Bahamas.
posted by bearwife 18 September | 16:25
gc: There is never a bad time to discuss how awesome Molly Lewis is and how jealous I am of her for having a talent which is easily discernible in front of the Internet audience.

Being an visual or musical artist? So easy to get recognition and fame. I mean, look at that Justin Bieber guy. Being a writer and/or literary editor? SO much more difficult, unless you start performing your own work on YouTube... which turns you into a visual artist...

posted by TrishaLynn 18 September | 19:47
Oh, forgot to mention I'm going to be at the NYCC as well, but perhaps for Saturday only because I work during the week.
posted by TrishaLynn 18 September | 19:51
Elsa, nthing the silents! Leaping Fish is a Sherlock Holmes parody with Douglas Fairbanks.

Margaret Atwood on Monday!

The first college I attended shut down 10 years ago and an independent alumni association was formed. They're having a reunion next month in Haverhill and I'll bookend it with a trip to NH.

I also want to go to midstate NY to see the Mark Twain exhibit.
posted by brujita 19 September | 00:09
I would LOVE to meet/see Margaret Atwood. Take pics!
posted by BoringPostcards 19 September | 00:35
I got to sit next to her at a party when I was at Iowa! The Robber Bride had just come out and the workshop commandeered the students with houses to host when authors read on campus (not me).

The province of Nunavut had recently been created (she had given that name to a place mentioned in The Handmaid's Tale) and I asked her about the coincidence. She replied that she found it more eerie that something else she had described (I'm blanking on it) in the novel had come to pass.

At another reading a few years ago, I asked her whether Tony in the Robber Bride was a Gemini or a Virgo. In the novel, she says Charis is a me Roz seems like a textbook Sag and Zenia a gray lizard Scorpio. She said Tony is a Gemini.

It's at the 92nd St Y, so I'm not sure if I can take pictures, but she'll be at Emory next month.
posted by brujita 19 September | 01:07
East is east || How about another Friday night question?