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15 September 2010

This has only 134,974 views This is basically how I want to wake up every morning
Me too! That was awesome!
posted by gomichild 16 September | 01:54
Dahler Mendi! I love that guy! He's the guy that did Tunak Tunak Tun, possibly the most epic music video of the '90s.
posted by joedan 16 September | 02:15
HolY Kohle ah Sheh Oy Teh Yah or whatever, I'm bouncing around my kitchen right now.
posted by dabitch 16 September | 05:27
I would link Bolo Ta Ra Ra, except that it's not the techno remix I have (and ADORE) and some jerkwads are being ugly Americans in the comments. Turban != Muslim != terrorists. GEEZ.
posted by Madamina 16 September | 08:03
is this just some sort of pattern recognition on my part, or are they saying "good morning"?
posted by desjardins 16 September | 08:31
That *isn't* how you wake up every morning, Whelk? Color me surprised.
posted by gaspode 16 September | 09:07
Haha, gaspode said it!
posted by flex 16 September | 09:47
You can wake up like that every morning in my neighborhood.

Devon's Desi corridor is one of the best-known and largest communities of its kind in North America. It exists mainly on Devon between Ravenswood Ave. and California Ave. South Asian shops, restaurants and grocery stores abound along this strip, and it has become a popular tourist destination. Vivek Mukherjee of writes, "There are similar desi markets in New Jersey, at the famous Oak Tree Road or in the Bay Area, but nothing like Devon Street. [...] Devon Street's sidewalks are even speckled with the paan stains" [5].
posted by misskaz 16 September | 10:01
There is an Indian food restaurant in my (former) town that plays Indian music videos on a wide-screen TV. It's really hard for me to maintain a conversation with so much wonderful and ridiculous dancing going on.
posted by filthy light thief 16 September | 16:13
*hits SNOOZ button*
posted by Doohickie 16 September | 20:11
Gracious. I haven't seen that much skintight white satin and silver lamé since ABBA toured. God, I love Bollywood!!
posted by ninazer0 17 September | 17:56
Also, Hindi jazz hands are awesome!!!
posted by ninazer0 17 September | 17:58
Hey, That's Metachat's New National Anthem! (Mildly NSFW) || The 727 that Vanished: