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15 September 2010

The Salesman: experienced, emotional, marked by personal tragedy and political setback, Joe Biden is in many ways the antithesis of the president he serves. But his stock has risen steadily in the West Wing, and with the Democrats poised to lose much of their leverage in the midterm elections, the vice presidentís unique skills and attributes may prove ever more crucial to his administrationís success.
I've only had a chance to read the beginning of the article, but as someone who used to be very involved in Delaware state politics, I can tell you that it's an easier place than most to rise politically. It's a small state with a small population and it is really possible to interact a lot with constituents and become well-known and, if you're charismatic, well-liked. Running into a big deal politician at a sub shop there is really not that unusual. I saw Biden at a lot of political events, but perhaps more to the point, I would see his sons (who are closer to my age) out at the same bars I went to in Wilmington. It's easy to be a big fish in a little pond there if you're good at what you do.
posted by amro 15 September | 12:36
Enjoyable read. Another great link, Nucleo.
posted by flex 15 September | 13:21
Funny, because my own family was slightly involved in Delaware politics, too. (At least until we moved away in, um, 1989...) We have a number of family stories involving various Bidens, all reasonably interesting.

There's just something about getting to know people as, well, people. I feel the same way about Russ Feingold here in Wisconsin, and I'm sorry for anyone who has never engaged in a more-than-handshake conversation with an elected official.
posted by Madamina 15 September | 14:36
I met Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) once at a fundraiser BBQ. It was like all of a sudden he was sitting by me. Shook my hand, and smiled big. He was like "I know you're excited to meet me and even though it's hot and your hand is, like, the 561st I have shook today, I am pretending that is is a great moment so as not to ruin your great moment because you are meeting FUCKING ME!"

As much as I like his politics, he came off really phony that day.
posted by danf 15 September | 16:50
Excellent! Thanks.
posted by jeoc 15 September | 20:55
Cool interview with Stanley Donwood, || Another Very Important Poll