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13 September 2010

Where did I put my driver's license? This is totally serious business, you guys. What are some places that require you to take out your driver's license and leave it there?[More:]
--I do not really go to bars that require IDs, and if I had, I would have put it right back in my wallet.
--I have not reserved a pool table recently.

Any other suggestions?

(and no I did not leave it on a boat in Chicago as I flailed around during the proposal)
Wherever your car registration is?
posted by danf 13 September | 16:29
Have you written a check lately?

Have you forgotten a library or renter's card and had to show it?

Have you set up a new account or service? Cell phone? Rental Something?

Have you needed something from a bank but didn't have your account number? Or to add/take money from a CD?

Test-driving new cars?

Mine sometimes slips to the bottom of my purse and can land between folds of paper or pages of books. (I go to a lot of auctions, and so it comes out regularly, and then I shove it back in my purse. Or my bra. But usually my purse

Um. Have you filled out any forms and left it on a desk/next to a computer/phone?
posted by julen 13 September | 16:35
No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Dang.

Maybe it's in my other purse. But why would it be out at all? I keep it in my zippered-at-all-times wallet.

It feels like there's something juuuust on the other side of my brain that I'm missing, here.

I really hope I didn't leave it at the Brewers game in July. Lord.
posted by Madamina 13 September | 16:50
Applying for a marriage license or blood test or something like that?
posted by iconomy 13 September | 17:03
Are you absolutely certain that you ever had one in this lifetime?
posted by dg 13 September | 17:04
Iconomy: nope, nope.

dg: oh, I am! Because we have this weird guy who runs the DMV Express (such an ironic name), and after going there twice in my life I'll be damned if I have to go back there again. Dude makes me go buy pizza because he has no change and won't accept a card >:(
posted by Madamina 13 September | 17:11
I had it, but then I accidentally the whole thing.
posted by mullacc 13 September | 17:14
Did you stay in Chicago? Check into a hotel?
posted by desjardins 13 September | 17:23
Sometimes, a clerk will want to see it close up to write down ID info on a credit card purchase.

But I wouldn't sweat this much. A current driver's license is a very easy thing to replace. In our state, you can do it online.
posted by bearwife 13 September | 17:27
I put my license in a special pocket when I fly anywhere and I can forget to put it back in its normal place. Were you changing addresses or something wedding-related [you are Madamina from MeFi, right] and left it on a flat surface someplace? The chances are higher that it's lost somewhere in your house and not lost in the larger world since people have a tendency to call you and get a license back to you. Maybe you took it out and it's in the little thingdoo between the seats where you left it for some reason? That's where I left my wallet recently.
posted by jessamyn 13 September | 17:53
Could it have fallen out while you were taking something else out of your wallet? I realize this doesn't help narrow it down at all :(
posted by desjardins 13 September | 18:08
OK sometimes I'll take my license, a credit card and some cash and tuck them in a little purse to go out at night, when I don't want to carry my whole wallet. Could it be in a purse you rarely use? You might find a little stash of cash there too! What about in the pocket of some pants you don't wear too often? Maybe you were going out and just grabbed $20 and your license and stuck both in your back pocket.

posted by Kangaroo 13 September | 19:07
Hrm. Everyone has suggested what I would have. Hope you find it soon!

Of course it'll be in the last place you look.
posted by deborah 13 September | 19:17
It's in your scanner!
posted by iconomy 13 September | 20:20
I just lost - and found - mine. The method I used was

1) freaking out and looking all over the place anywhere it could possibly be, checking all purses, pockets, etc.;
2) developing a plausible scenario as to how I might have lost it (small child playing with jacket where it was in the pocket, therefore maybe it slipped out and slid under some furniture or something);
3) resigning myself to the likelihood it was somewhere in the house (because of plausible scenario) and I'd run across it eventually ("probably after I finally give up and apply for a replacement," I grumbled);
4) lay in bed unable to sleep last night (thinking about other things entirely) when all of a sudden in a flash of inspiration, I thought: "did I check the pocket in those shorts? where are they? let me check right now at 2 AM". And of course that's where it was. Could've sworn I checked all the pockets of all the clothes, but obviously I didn't.

I'm not being flip - it actually works out this way for me so ridiculously often. It's how I found a super-important piece of ID that I hadn't seen in some years, a few months ago. It's sort of reassuring, even, it's like I have to pay my freaking-out dues for losing something but in the end it's all right ("and we've all learned a valuable lesson, today!"). So I hope that if you don't find it after chasing down every lead you can think of, you'll have a dream about it or some other weird moment of insight that turns out to be correct: the payoff for freaking out right now. =/
posted by flex 13 September | 21:40
I always check the wastebaskets at home when I can't find something. I have inadvertently thrown away some very important things before.
posted by JanetLand 14 September | 08:47
In some restaurants in PA, they'll take your license back and scan it. Any chance that happened to you?

Did you fly recently?
posted by punchtothehead 14 September | 09:26
... then add one cup of baby bunny ,,, || Musical pony request