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05 September 2010

Weekend multi-point updates 1. My life seems to revolve around food at the moment. I am ok with this... my increasingly tight clothing is less so.
2. Work has been incredibly busy. I think because I'd been slack a little bit and it's catching up now. Too much daydreaming.
3. I'm home alone on a Sunday night, about to go to bed. The Chef - my new boyfriend - is gonna swing by after work, so I want to get a few hours sleep in before he gets here. Whatever time that will be.
4. My new cat, Eva, is putting on weight too. She's greedy and keeps stealing her brother's food. Disgraceful animal.
1. I went to the closing night of Hair! last night (with sueinnyc). We had fabulous seats, front-row centre. At the end I got up on stage and "Let the Sun Shine In" and had my picture taken with my favourite cast member.

2. I am still getting over a cold, but it seems much better today, thanks, I believe, to my concoction of lemon juice, honey, hot water, ginger and TCP.

3. My Dutch Baby ended up overcooked but still delicious, the burnt bits being sort of caramelised because I think I added too much sugar to the dough. I had half for breakfast and will nuke the other half in the microwave later.
posted by Senyar 05 September | 08:00
1) I've now made the second meal that will result in too many leftovers! Dutch baby just out of the's great. I suspect that if you watched the internet, the increase in mentions of "cooking dutch babies" has the Netherlands police a little worried.

2) Last night was too much pizza. I mean, yeah, it's good as leftovers, but still. Stilton on the pizza..whoa. So much flavour. I don't think I put enough on generate a night of wacky wacky dreams, though.

3) My ex went to her first AA meeting last night. Friday night, shit hit the proverbial fan for her and she's finally accepting, and moving forward with getting better. I'm not mad today, but when I'd be lying if I said I wasn't furious Friday when the fan-hitting was happening. She's quit drinking in the past, and I'm optimistic that, especially with added support, she'll quit again. Still, man, so many feelings mixed up in this.
posted by richat 05 September | 08:44
1. My wife severed her Achilles tendon at the gym on Friday and has to go into surgery on Tuesday to re-attach it. Then six to ten weeks of recovery. Sigh. Life always comes at you. I feel terrible for her.

2. We're still going to attempt to go the the Lady Gaga show tonight, the arena says that I can get a wheelchair at the door.

3. Work is nuts and I'm going to have to work from home for the next week while she recovers.
posted by octothorpe 05 September | 09:17
Good luck to your ex, richat, and to you too. You might want to check out Al-Anon for those mixed feelings.
posted by Senyar 05 September | 09:36
1) I voted. Sooooo sick of the political debate in Sweden that I "protest-voted" for the national, and went for local opposition parties in the city & "landsting" elections. Still not sure I made the right call in the city election, was running in and out of my booth collection vote-papers trying to make up my mind. Elections aren't until the 19th, I just wanted it out of the way.

2) My SO is all nerves prepping his portfolio for a job interview tomorrow. I've been roped in as assistant holding lights, model, and second opinion all week.

3) Oh yeah, I totally changed the way my site looks and am still tweaking it. Now I have banners, like those real sites do. I hate banners.
posted by dabitch 05 September | 09:51
1. Woke up this morning and it was actually chilly inside the house. I'd forgotten what that felt like! Also, having all the windows open for the last week has been awesome, and the cats love it, too.

2. Spent most of yesterday hiking in a couple of parks along the Chattahoochee River. It's been so miserably hot all summer we haven't had a lot of chances to do stuff like that, but yesterday was perfect weather and a lot of fun.

3. After not going to any concerts in 2010 so far, I suddenly have TWO* in the next week and a half, both on weeknights, and right when I can't afford to take any more time off work. Should be interesting. *Dean Wareham's Galaxie 500 tour this week, and the Pixies next week.
posted by BoringPostcards 05 September | 10:19
1. TMI warning I think I have a UTI. The BF was a good sport about going to the grocery store with me at 1.30am to get stuff to make me feel better: tylenol, cranberry juice, and yogurt. Hopefully it will clear up on its own. If it doesn't, I hope I can at least wait until Friday, when I get paid.

2. It's wonderfully chilly here in Chicago. We slept with the windows open last night and I actually needed to get under the covers to stay warm. Woot!

3. I might go up to my dad's house tomorrow for Labor Day. I haven't seen him since February, so it should be fun. We're going to grill something.
posted by youngergirl44 05 September | 10:52
1. After all this talk of dutch babies I am contemplating baking one but I just do not have the energy for anything and it is slightly disconcerting when doing reading for school in bed is the most energetic thing I do all day.

2. I suspect that some of this lack of energy is due to Friday's running around. (I had the pdoc in the morning, voting, 32 minutes on the elliptical, ENT thrush followup where they told me I might have diabetes, CVS for smaller Paxil since I'm being taken off it, and then over to my folks to pick up my hemmed work pants and wound up going out to dinner.)

3. I am almost a week ahead in my reading for school. Now, if only I could get moving on the assignments.

4. Still not sleeping through the night. Woke up 4 times last night. I think that might be a new record. The pdoc says that the new med she's transitioning me to will help with this. Either that or I need to buy stock in Tylenol PM because this shit has gotten old. Even taking the normal dosages of Tylenol PM can't keep me under. I've even cut out caffeine pretty much entirely. (One soda for breakfast and one for lunch 3 days a week.)

5. At least I am working tomorrow for time and a half, which is desperately needed to pay for these psych meds. (Abilify, I'm looking at you.) My folks said they'd pitch in cash for my year long gym membership (see #2) and for winter tuition at school because I should focus on school and not money but I have a feeling that they're going to start asking questions about where my paychecks are going. And they're not going to like the answers.

6. The big boss is supposedly coming down week after next. I suppose this means I should get my dress pants pressed and replace the film map. Crap, I'm going to have to act all ambitious and shit too. :-/
posted by sperose 05 September | 11:10
1. I dyed my hair red yesterday and I can't decide if it looks good.

2. I have a job interview on Wednesday. Maybe dying my hair a few days before the interview was not such a great idea.

3. I'm working tomorrow, and will likely be almost alone in the office. This is usually not a recipe for productivity for me.
posted by jeoc 05 September | 11:48
1. Party last night went really well. Think that I probably am going to finally launch my own small event planning / catering business. I don't really want to do this, but a) I'm actually very good at it, which after 20 years of event planning in museums, I should be and b) there are no jobs, there are not going to be any jobs and I'm going to have to create my own or starve. Anyway most of the people at the party last night were all impressed & will tell their friends, etc., etc. Now I just need a snappy name.

2. LAAFF today! I heard rumors of a zombie walk but nobody has called me with details so chances are I won't be zombieing out. Unless I just whomp up a zombie outfit and go undead anyway.

3. Slept almost 12 hours last night and am still sleepy.
posted by mygothlaundry 05 September | 12:12
1. I have been super sleepy the last few days, like I just can't get enough sleep no matter how much sleep I get.

2. This morning I came downstairs to see the neighboring 5-year-old showing off his (apparently very handsome) chicken to ikkyu2, and ikkyu2 showing off his pumpkin vine to the neighboring 5-year-old. It was very sweet, in a "Oh my god, I really am living in the country, aren't I?" kind of way.

3. It's gorgeous, and we're going to a barbecue today, which should be nice, except I'm not sure we're really going to know all that many people there, so we'll see how that goes.

4. I spent all of yesterday working as a cat pillow and watching trashy-ish tv. It was kind of nice, but I'm glad I have an extra day off to make up for it.
posted by occhiblu 05 September | 13:27
My wife severed her Achilles tendon at the gym on Friday and has to go into surgery on Tuesday to re-attach it.

Yikes, octothorpe! I hope she's holding up okay until then --- best wishes for a speedy recovery!

That really put all my wah-wah kvetchy stuff into perspective. So, here's a cheerier update than I would otherwise have posted:

1. So happy that the hot weather has broken!

2. Have a date with friends tomorrow night to drink sangria in the park! Dreamy!

3. Ordered some delicious-sounding scents from Demeter yesterday. Cannot wait to smell like ginger ale!
posted by Elsa 05 September | 14:04
1. Took the dog for a long walk today, then going to watch Boomsday from aboard a paddle wheel boat in the Tennessee River.

2. Tomorrow, probably a hike/swim combo with the aforementioned dog. Oh my, does she love swimming!

3. Gonna try a Dutch Baby tomorrow morning. English is my husband's second language and occasionally he can be painfully literal. I can't wait to see what he thinks a Dutch Baby is. We're still working on Welsh Rabbit!
posted by workerant 05 September | 14:21
1. Saw Israel Vibration last night at one of my favorite venues.

2. Having a party tonight. At least 10 people in our tiny little studio.

3. Cookout wit the upstairs neighbors tomorrow. I think we're doing spare ribs.
posted by Twiggy 05 September | 16:06
1. Laboring all throughout Labor Day weekend. Money is a good thing.

2. I was born in 1969. Sometimes I can't decide whether I really should have been born in 1685, 1922, or 1995.

3. I just don't GET IT!!
posted by Melismata 05 September | 16:14
1. I read Achilles in Vietnam yesterday and Odysseus in America today. Hoping to make some progress on Gödel, Escher, Bach tomorrow and on Infinite Jest before it comes due at the library.

2. I bought groceries—and a desk! My collection of flat-pack furniture has expanded. Now if only they made a flat-pack easy chair, my apartment would finally be complete.

3. I've been sneezing all afternoon. Hope I'm not coming down with a cold. Might be time to head back to the grocery store for a barrel of orange juice.

4. I wrote a journal entry after neglecting the poor volume all week.
posted by haltingproblemsolved 05 September | 20:12
4. It's been a mellow Sunday ending with pizza delivery... w00t. This isn't an option when I have to be at work on Monday (because I have to be there at 7 am), but tonight it is, so w00t.

5. I've seen so many new names on MetaChat this weekend that I am completely psyched. I like to think we're a friendly place, but I also know we look a little bit insular just because we're all SO tight with each other. It's always great to see new folks joining up.

6. Guinness the "neighborhood cat who thinks he's our cat" has completely moved in, thanks to our paying for his recent surgery after an injury, and then installing a cat flap on our porch, which is also Arn's smoking room. G has become a mostly-permanent fixture on the porch, which will work well this winter when it's cold out and we want to bring him in. (Which we've done for years anyway. But now he can let himself in.)
posted by BoringPostcards 05 September | 21:27
Guinness looks like a nice kitty.

My wife severed her Achilles tendon at the gym on Friday and has to go into surgery on Tuesday to re-attach it. Then six to ten weeks of recovery. Sigh. Life always comes at you. I feel terrible for her.

Oh my god. I feel terrible for her too. I am curious as to what she was doing when the injury happened. Sorry if that comes across as nosy; I'm genuinely curious.

1. At this moment I am in between reading the internet and a novel. I'm also watching Poker After Dark.

2. Today was rainy and I stayed in. My husband worked. The extent of my day was going to 7-11 for some Diet Coke and Coke. I organized my jewelry box and threw away a bunch of outdated costume jewelry. I also organized some dresser drawers and supervised piano practice. My husband bought Subway for dinner and I walked/jogged three miles while the kids practiced more piano and baseball with my husband.

3. Yesterday was busy. There was a birthday party, a two hour baseball practice, and a date night with my husband. Tomorrow I am going to prime the walls of our home office/den. We are repainting them Shagreen by Sherwin Williams. We're also going to a barbecue and riding our bikes to the park. Let's see how we fit all of this in.
posted by LoriFLA 05 September | 22:16
I am curious as to what she was doing when the injury happened. Sorry if that comes across as nosy; I'm genuinely curious.

Mountain Climbers. She was working out with a trainer at the gym at work and said that it was so loud that other people stopped what they were doing when they heard it snap.

We did actually manage see the Lady Gaga concert, for as much as tickets were she wasn't going to give that up. We ended up waiting 1-1/2 hours in front of the Consol Energy Center while the usher found a wheelchair for her. They seem to only have one chair for a 20,000 seat arena. To be fair, they just opened the place two weeks ago and this was the second concert ever so it's not surprising that they didn't have their act together.
posted by octothorpe 05 September | 23:58
Yikes, I hope her recovery is not too painful. I know exactly what mountain climbers are. They are tough stuff. I'm glad you were able to see the concert.
posted by LoriFLA 06 September | 09:14
1. Went for a nice hike on Saturday, near to town. Saw The American, which I am still thinking about. There is a very subtle plot twist that does not seem to lead anywhere. . .but a stressful movie and coming out I was sure that there was a sniper or two on the rooftops aiming at me.

2. Did a LOT of chores yesterday, including clean out the garage, which I'd really let get messy and cluttered with the detrius of many summer projects. Had a nice dinner then made out on the couch for a long time before moving it elsewhere. . .fun to feel like teenagers.

3. Although it is a holiday here in the US, I feel obliged to go in and work for a half day, since school starts on Wednesday and YIKES! the kids are coming back!
posted by danf 06 September | 09:34
1. Got the new (to us) stove on Saturday! The stove that came with the place was like, I'm not exaggerating, maybe 40 or 50 years old, it was oooooold. Harvest-golden old. And yucky.

2. Discovered that I have lost an important thing that I need to find, arrrgh.

3. Braved IKEA yesterday with all the kids. We didn't buy most of what we came to get, and instead came home with too much other stuff, which is The Way Of IKEA...

4. ...So now we have bright spring green shag rugs in the living room, which will be so cheerful and cozy through the winter. Although I will have to be more vigilant about enforcing snack time in the dining room so I don't find crumbs in the shag. Eww.

5. Today is CLEAN ALL THE THINGS and Let's Rearrange The Furniture!

6. Tomorrow is the first day of school, holy crap.
posted by flex 06 September | 10:15
1. I was just able to eat for the first time today, after my second emergency visit to the dentist this weekend following a filling falling out while (ironically) brushing my teeth. Root canal scheduled for Saturday, and at this point, I'm almost glad that's happening.

2. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA was on sale at the grocery store! That'll help with the lingering ache in my jaw.

3. Thanks to the dental emergencies, I got almost nothing that I'd planned to do this weekend done. :-/

4. I am, however, grateful that I have access to and can afford emergency dental care, since this weekend would've really sucked, otherwise.

5. I saw The Kids Are All Right last night, and it reminded me why it's worth going to the movies. So. Good.

6. I'm downloading BP's power pop mix right now, and I can't wait to listen to it!
posted by EvaDestruction 06 September | 17:43
1. Spent Sunday with BlueEyes family - I really love them and never get to see them as much as I'd like. We had wine, dinner, laughed and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

2. BlueEyes took me out to breakfast; we did a little driving today just sight-seeing, then home to chill for the day.

3. Chores are pretty much done, life is wonderful, I haven't been so happy in so many years.
posted by redvixen 06 September | 22:05
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSAMYN!!!! || Some music we ran across googling my son's teacher.