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04 September 2010

I can't believe I've waited my whole life to make a Dutch Baby [More:]I mean seriously! They're so easy! And good! We're going to be eating them a lot going forward. For today, I didn't do any apples, but I'm going to try it next time.
Wow, that looks great. I will try it for sure.
posted by LoriFLA 04 September | 09:54
It's a Yorkshire pudding with fruit. A posher name for it would be a clafouti, although the clafouti batter is usually a little thicker.
posted by Senyar 04 September | 10:04
So easy, and that recipe in particular reminded me I could use the immersion blender, saving the trouble of washing the whole food processor.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 September | 10:06
That looks so fantastic! I never think to make Dutch babies, but it's a really delicious and gorgeous dish, and so simple.

Here's a question for experienced Dutch baby makers: is there a reason you need to use a blender at all? It looks like it's just a popover batter, so can you just whisk it by hand and let it sit ten minutes to hydrate the flour, or is the blender really necessary?
posted by Elsa 04 September | 10:19
Dang, we don't have a cast iron skillet.
posted by deborah 04 September | 10:44
deborah--I've made them in a round cake pan and had no problems.

Elsa--I got a recipe from Stew (who introduced me to the wonder of the Dutch Baby) and it didn't require blending/food processing.
posted by leesh 04 September | 10:52
That's what my GF said.
posted by jouke 04 September | 11:38
Neat, I am hosting my first brunch next month, I think I will try this.
posted by amro 04 September | 11:39
In fact, maybe I will make it for dinner tonight to test it out. Never want to try a recipe for the first time on guests. That has failed too many times.
posted by amro 04 September | 11:50
Excellent --- thanks, leesh!
posted by Elsa 04 September | 12:04
I HEART the dutch baby. I make them often.

Here's my recipe: (Hauling out the Grand Rapids Junior League Cookbook (c) 1976)

Dutch Babies
magic happens in the oven

3T Butter
3 Eggs
pinch of salt
1/2 Cup flour
1/2 cup milk.

Coat heavy 10-inch iron pan with butter. Beat rest of ingredients. Pour into pan. Bake at 400F for 25-35 minutes until puffy and golden. Cut in pie slices, squirt a little lemon juice over and shake on powdered sugar. Top with cooked slice of bacon and maple syrup, or fill with fresh fruits and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

-Mal Cumming
posted by Stewriffic 04 September | 12:08
wow even I could make this.
posted by desjardins 04 September | 12:38
Cake pans we have, thanks leesh!
posted by deborah 04 September | 12:51
I got a recipe from Stew (who introduced me to the wonder of the Dutch Baby)

I was trying to remember who introduced me to the Dutch Baby. I knew it was someone on Mecha. I made one this winter during a snow storm and it was an EVENT in this household. Yum.
posted by jrossi4r 04 September | 13:38
Do you think some apple or cherry pie filling in the bottom would be good?
posted by amro 04 September | 14:03
Thanks for posting this --- I think it might really improve my mood.

For no real reason, I'm having a grouchy, grumpy day... but I think I'm going to skip dinner, make myself a one-person mini Dutch baby (with macerated blueberries, not apples, because that's what I've got on hand) and a cappuccino, and cheer right the heck up. Who could grump when a Dutch baby is smiling up at you?
posted by Elsa 04 September | 14:04
I'm doing mine with a sliced nectarine, and it's in the oven now. Smells amazing in my apartment. Thx.
posted by danny the boy 04 September | 16:08
I made it! With apples! And then ate a large chunk of it!
posted by amro 04 September | 16:17
Similar to danny, I've got some peaches waiting on the counter for tomorrow morning!
posted by richat 04 September | 16:45
This is my husband's specialty. He makes miniature one serving ones, in his little cast iron pan, and serves with warm fruit. Nectarines, last time I got one. Yum. This is one reason why I am a Wife of a Bear.
posted by bearwife 04 September | 19:41
Stewriffic's recipe is the one i use for them . we always referred to them as dutch pancakes . that recipe also works great for Yorkshire Pudding !
posted by rollick 04 September | 19:45
Does anyone have a scaled-down recipe for a smaller pan? My cornbread pan is 8" across and I'd hate to have Dutch baby spill over and burn in my oven.

Okay, that sounds REALLY weird.
posted by workerant 04 September | 19:51
I don't like pancakes at all. Would I like a dutch baby? I do like french toast.
posted by youngergirl44 04 September | 19:53
I don't like pancakes at all. Would I like a dutch baby? I do like french toast.

Do you like popovers and Yorkshire pudding? It's the same principle and the same basic recipe --- though Dutch babies are often custardy in the center, not crispy all over like a popover.
posted by Elsa 04 September | 20:05
Now I think I'm going to make Dutch babies for breakfast tomorrow!
posted by leesh 04 September | 21:07
I'm making this right now - it's in the oven. I caramelised the apples a little with butter and sugar, and also added some cinnamon. The smell in my flat is unbelievable - vanilla, cinnamon, apple.
posted by Senyar 05 September | 06:42
Do you like popovers and Yorkshire pudding?

I have no idea - never tried either. But I like the idea of custardy in the center, so perhaps I would like it.
posted by youngergirl44 05 September | 10:43
Making them now!
posted by Stewriffic 05 September | 12:22
I hate pancakes. I adore Dutch Babies. You will love.
posted by bearwife 25 December | 13:27
I'm not normally one to overplay nostalgia, || Dateline somewhere over North Dakota