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01 September 2010

Hello New York Bunnies! I am in town for the Labor Day Weekend and following week and was wondering if anyone wanted to meet up? Proposed activities include: Flight of the Conchords walking tour, finding the locations from Fisher King and a Metafilter Meetup.[More:]Greetings from UK bunnies!
I am certainly down for scouting Fisher King locations! We watched that movie like three times in high school English, using the movie as a model of "The Hero's Journey."

I think I'll be at the meetup, too.
posted by Eideteker 01 September | 10:58
Aww, I can't make it that night, too bad! Wish I could. And wish you were going to be in town on 9/17 for ALL YOU CAN EAT MEAT.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 September | 11:11
Hey Eideteker, that's great! I know my timing is bad TPS, what can I say? Sorry to miss you.

Another thing I am thinking of doing is going to the Fela show on a cancellation ticket, but I suspect that even at the cancellation price it might be a bit out of my league. See how many pennies I have next week...
posted by asok 01 September | 11:23
Fela! has been at the TKTS booth, so you might abe able to get a half-price ticket (which will probably be somewhere in the $60-80 range). They also offer student tickets, and standing room tickets when the show is sold out. Rush policies!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 September | 11:39
Per the At the Booth app, Fela was $65 at the TKTS booth today.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 01 September | 18:05
You know where to find me. Come by any night from tues. thru sunday around sixish and you can buy me a beer and listen to some old white guy music.
posted by jonmc 01 September | 19:09
Thanks for that heads-up TPS, maybe I will be able to go after all.

That's funny, I've been in Strand three times so far! Got my hosts and folk at home presents there yesterday. It looks like I'll be making another trip there next week then!
posted by asok 03 September | 09:36
Anyone coming to Ars Electronica? || I need a little portable radio.