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26 July 2010

True Blood Discussion Thread (spoilers) : TrueBlood. This Week on True Blood, "I Got a Right to Sing the Blues": Eric's obvious, Lafayette is hurt, Tara has turned awesome, and a certain female vamp looks likely to bite it. We come in peace, Regular Bunnies, to populate your land with blood and HBO-style "relations." Err. Well, we still come in peace. (See, I lurked, accountless!)
My wife and I are about to watch Season 2 Episode 8 in a few minutes.
posted by danf 26 July | 22:41
danf: That and the episode following it (I Will Rise Up) are a good set, but Timebomb may be pretty weak on its own. I really like the character of Godric, so I'm a fan of those episodes in particular. However, at this point in the season, I was really wondering how they could justify dragging out Maryann's story for so long. It gets repetitive.

I tried to make the episode description above as vague as possible (by this point in the story, there are three female vampires either in immediate danger or stupid enough to get themselves into trouble; and the Lafayette thing isn't as obvious as you may think), so it shouldn't spoil you at all.
posted by flibbertigibbet 27 July | 02:24
I just want to say I have a crush on baby vamp.
posted by birdherder 27 July | 04:38
Can't we just talk about Buffy, Star Trek and X-Files instead? ;)

I am just sooo not trendy anymore.
posted by DarkForest 27 July | 06:52
Maryann seems to fit into the role of the "Big Bad" that each Buffy season had. Seems like she has to die, and take a few people with her.

I was mistaken. . .TEN was the one we watched last night. One more disk to go for this season.

I also have to say that Alan Ball must have a thing for casting teen redhead girls. But they are both awesome!
posted by danf 27 July | 07:49
Oh thank god, nobody I know watches true blood and when Tara turned Poor Tara No More awesome in the latest episode, I had CHILLS - yeah, you GO girl, kick vampire ass!

But now I wonder what will happen and can not wait until next week. Neat way they brought back Sookies ability to wrap a chain around peoples necks too, that was never explained in the first season. WHAT IS SOOKIE?
posted by dabitch 27 July | 09:40
I hope Tara's crazy english vampire fiance isn't dead though, he cracked me up (and freaked me out).

Shoot, am I spoiling now because someone who isn't watching this season is in the thread? ACK!
posted by dabitch 27 July | 09:41
Hi, flibbertigibbet!

I haven't see the latest one yet and was coming in to leave this comment:
So is anyone else annoyed by Tara and her one mood/expression? "Oooo look, I'm scared of something! Oh and now I'm afraid. And now I'm worried. And now I'm terrified. And concerned. And now I'm petrified". Ugh.

But now I see she becomes awesome and all I can say is it's about time, I seriously couldn't watch her badly acted meekness one more frigging second.

Shoot, am I spoiling now because someone who isn't watching this season is in the thread? ACK!

Yeah, but that's ok. I'll add 'spoiler' to the post ;)
posted by iconomy 27 July | 09:45
Yes, Tara is now kicking ass, she was wearing thin before. Lafayette is my fave, but his marathon-date Jesus is..Hmm... Jesus has to be something else right? He can't just be a really nice guy and a nurse and hot and in lust for Lafayett, what's the catch?
posted by dabitch 27 July | 09:54
dabitch: strongly suspect he's some sort of cultist/devotee of the religious icons that he found in Lafayette's apartment. his 'true nature' will probably be revealed in the closing moments of season 3, tying this up to season 4 (like Maryann was introduced in season 1, and like how Bill was kidnapped by what turned out to be werewolves in the last seconds of season 2). I think Crystal's true nature will be revealed by the end of this season, and she'll somehow tie in with the weres (in part because of discussions about what Crystal is in the books, on the blue).

thanks, iconomy!
posted by flibbertigibbet 27 July | 10:35
There was something weirdly familiar about the guy guarding Sookie's door -- the one that Tara spooked off when she was holding the bowl of almonds. It was in his posture and the shape of his head.

And yep, sure enough, it's a Swayze.
posted by mudpuppie 27 July | 10:39
the icons were Santaria, I believe.


I really hope our new friend recovers. He didn't gooify so he might. He's my favorite of the new characters. Forget her! I'll go to Shoneys with you and watch you text motherfucker as much as you want, you adorable madman!
posted by kellydamnit 27 July | 11:56
Hahaha, I knooooow, he really grew on me, that insane creepy accented übermad vampire. The Best New vampire, apart from babyvamp Jessica who is teh hottest redhead (man, she is pretty!). Yes, hotter than the Queen Mary-Ann, who is just so icky I can't consider her pretty no more (But I do study her hair intensly for hairdo tips).

...and will we find a reason not to hate Lorena Krasiki? It seems she has a sad backstory that turned her into the super-meanqueen she is today.

Crystal Norris smelled the air, she must be supernatural and I'm betting a wolf of some sort too. But what is she doing with that family of drug dealers?
posted by dabitch 27 July | 12:59
Also, OMG PREVIEW! I can.not.wait!
posted by dabitch 27 July | 13:04
Plus, hey, Jessica learned how to feed without killing nobody! Our babyvamp is all grown up!
posted by dabitch 27 July | 13:05
OMG preview!
posted by gomichild 27 July | 14:55
OMG preview indeed! Can't wait for sunday!
posted by kellydamnit 27 July | 15:05
I cannot believe that Eric would tip his hand about wanting a certain vampire dead so soon... that's signing his own death warrant. Gotta be a fake-out?
posted by flibbertigibbet 27 July | 15:49
also, OMG PREVIEW. that looks to be one action-packed episode
posted by flibbertigibbet 27 July | 15:55
Why isn't there a fast forward button on the world?
posted by dabitch 27 July | 16:16
OMG different preview!
posted by gomichild 27 July | 19:26
OMG ANOTHER PREVIEW! heeeey, I wonder who the redhead with the accent is, who says "Sookie, you can't seem to stay out of trouble, can you?".
posted by dabitch 27 July | 19:35
I couldn't help myself and peeked into the TWOP spoiler thread... not so many answers though - mostly assumptions from the books (which I've not read).
posted by gomichild 27 July | 19:42
OMG dabitch we need to find a blonde to complete a proper hair colour trio and become an international crime fighting team or something.
posted by gomichild 27 July | 19:48
We totally do.
posted by dabitch 27 July | 20:05
My theory on Jesus:

Ah he's totally magic, or a cultist, or something. They seem to be setting up Tara to follow some of her bok plot (SPOILER: She learns maaaaaaagic.) And a Jesus/Lafayette connection could be her entryway into it. Thus her entire "I GOT KIDNAPPED BY THE REAL EDWARD CULLEN AHH!" story is a way to give her a very pressing reason to learn how to shoot fire from her hands or turn people into toads or whatever.
posted by The Whelk 28 July | 02:10
And as I mentioned in the other thread - I find Eric wearing Yuppie Drag so very disturbing. He's so much scarier when he's trying to look harmless.
posted by The Whelk 28 July | 02:12
So is anyone else annoyed by Tara and her one mood/expression? "Oooo look, I'm scared of something! Oh and now I'm afraid. And now I'm worried. And now I'm terrified. And concerned. And now I'm petrified". Ugh.

I had this conversation after the episode. I think her acting strength is all in her voice. She does these awesome little quivers and rising-angry tones. Makes me wonder if she has any background in voice work.
posted by The Whelk 28 July | 02:14
Actually the Eric baby-blue sweater thing makes he think of Pam in her fuzzy pink get ups. It's all this supercute gauzy shell in front of a stare like you're a specimen on a pin. Creeeeepy.
posted by The Whelk 28 July | 02:19
where's the OTHER thread nagdangit?
posted by dabitch 28 July | 05:19
Saw the episode last night. Several thoughts:

-I wish my last name was Stackhouse.
-This show has a crapton of hot guys on it. Like.... I don't know who to have a crush on, there are so many.
-Tara is still annoying me.
-I love red hair.
posted by iconomy 28 July | 10:47
Redheads rule the universe. Now you know.
posted by dabitch 28 July | 11:33
I'm actually dying my hair red TODAY. Where do I sign up to Rule?
posted by The Whelk 28 July | 12:45
Oh and dabitch

THIS thread
posted by The Whelk 28 July | 12:46
How did I miss that thread!? And yes, the accents are all wrong but the sounds are all right. They got room sounds, crickets, creeks, cars, and music choices that give me goosebumps. Great sound, all around.
posted by dabitch 28 July | 15:08
Ok, I have read the other thread and every link in it AND IT'S STILL NOT SUNDAY YET omg I can not wait.
posted by dabitch 28 July | 17:41
Somebody might just have to post the next thread and discuss without me, cause I might not get to watch it... leaving the country on a trip the next day, returning the 23rd.

SO Y'ALL BETTER DISCUSS IT SO HARD YOUR EYES POP OUT for me, because golly gosh, I expect all of your brilliance (no sarcasm) to accompany me through the episodes once I've returned.

dabitch: a three-week wait sucks. also a three-week wait on Mad Men, but Mad Men is in the early-season slow-burn, so that's not as awful to me.
posted by flibbertigibbet 28 July | 20:43
wait WHAT? Have I watched "I got a right to sing the blues" too early? I have to wait three weeks now? Can.Not.Handle.It.
posted by dabitch 29 July | 05:11
dabitch: well, err, no, just me. like I said, I'm leaving the country for 3 weeks = no internet access beyond the occasional e-mail = no True Blood, which also = someone else gotta post the metachat discussion post for it every week, for awhile.
posted by flibbertigibbet 29 July | 07:49
You scared me worse than Franklin's jealous rage! :) I was checking the HBO site and it had "I got a right to sing the blues" listed to be aired next Sunday, I must have looked it up wrong.

*bides time til Sunday*
posted by dabitch 29 July | 15:36
I have red hair too, so yeah. I know.
posted by iconomy 29 July | 22:01
I was righ.! I was right! I was .....riiiiiiight!.

(also THAT's your depiction of magic land? Laaaaaame)
posted by The Whelk 02 August | 12:06
OH MY GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. That whole fairy dancing-in-nighties thing was embarrassing to behold in all its hilarribility. Claudine is supposed to be this 6 foot tall gorgeous ass-kicking woman, not some little wide-eyed idjit in a teddy. I AM DISAPPOINT. SO DISAPPOINT.
posted by elizardbits 03 August | 17:42
ok, wait, hold up HOLD UP here. Claudine? We know her name? Is she a fairy? What the heck was that? What is Sookies light? This whole episode disappointed me. Not enough Franklin typing motherfucker. NEEDS MOAR FRANKLIN!
posted by dabitch 03 August | 17:49
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