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02 July 2010

Wishing our readers a KICK-ASS three-day weekend - but if that's depressing, you could check your local library for back issues and learn about adopting The Great White Shark.[More:]
But to be honest, I don't know what's so great about them anyway. Is it the teeth? They do have pretty good teeth.

Yes, it's 2:30pm on a Friday afternoon, 2.5 hours left in the work day and my brain is elsewhere. Where are you?
I'm in Britain, where we're all going to work on Monday /end grumble
posted by altolinguistic 02 July | 16:47
That cover's actually for Memorial Day Weekend...
posted by amro 02 July | 16:54
Yupyup, I realize it's not the right 3 day holiday, and I understand we are not all in the United States. It fit my current state of mind.
posted by filthy light thief 02 July | 17:11
I would be interested to find out numbers people in each country. My guess is a little over half are USians and Canadians, but I do not know that for sure and I am too lazy to try to figure it out.
posted by danf 02 July | 17:20
Here's some Muppet Patriotism (if you haven't seen the other thread).
posted by oneswellfoop 02 July | 17:59
I would be interested to find out numbers people in each country.

I don't think we have an easy way to do that. It's not in the user data, but maybe chrismear and gomi have a magic way of telling where the hits are coming from.

w/r/t the article: Yeah, I have been biting my tongue to prevent myself mentioning how little I am comforted by the recent proliferation of local news articles about how "Great White Sharks Hardly Ever Attack People!" I know that people get stupid shark hysteria and don't want to fan it. But it is creepy to think about.
posted by Miko 02 July | 18:11
I'm a little annoyed that 4/5 of my company is taking next week off for a long holiday but since I've only been there for two months, I don't have the PTO time accrued yet. So I'll be there mostly by myself next week. Bleh.
posted by octothorpe 02 July | 20:34
Well Great Whites will not attack people unless they mistake them for a prey item, like a seal. Hence, surfers get surprised because the shark thinks they are a seal, with the shape of the board, and arms and legs trailing off like flippers. One bite and they realize their mistake but one bite can be fatal.

Tiger sharks, on the other hand, will eat you and not feel any contrition about it.
posted by danf 03 July | 09:43
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