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30 June 2010

New Duds for the Superhero With the Lasso of Truth Wonder Woman Will Still Be Sexy -- Just in Lower Heels and a Biker Jacket [More:]Also: The second little girl featured in the iconic Wonder Woman slideshow is my oldest daughter. YAY!
I can't believe how much she's grown since that picture was taken!
posted by fluffy battle kitten 30 June | 10:06
I think the update was a good idea although the new style (in that illustration) also makes her look younger. I wonder whether the revealingness of the original characters' costumes is related to ancient european mythological aesthetics.
posted by Firas 30 June | 10:13
Just an idle thought, but I think the conventions have flipped around from the ancient world.

Classical Greek art had a convention of "heroic nudity", where male warriors are depicted naked apart from helmets or shields. (Frank Miller followed that convention for the "300" comic book, and the movie just added some Spartan underpants). But women were generally depicted fully clothed.

Whereas with modern superheroes, the male characters are fairly covered up, while the females wear revealing costumes. Even in Fantasy settings, men are often depicted wearing full suits of armour, while the women can apparently get by with bronze or steel bikinis.
posted by TheophileEscargot 30 June | 10:24
I can't believe how much she's grown since that picture was taken!

All the responsibility of raising her little brother has prematurely aged her.
posted by ColdChef 30 June | 10:26
Check out the new Catwoman costume too.
posted by Senyar 30 June | 10:28
I think that's probably right TE, the 40s/50s heroines were probably more of a product of that time's sexual gaze than of greek convention. It's tricky to get the balance but the key should be in diversity and being aware of how what the character is wearing impacts the viewer of the time; if it's out of left field (hot pants on a crime fighting woman) then it's worth wondering why.
posted by Firas 30 June | 10:32
while the women can apparently get by with bronze or steel bikinis.

They use cleavage to distarct their enemies, then lure them in for the kill.
posted by jonmc 30 June | 11:48
I actually kind of *like* the new outfit.
posted by Orange Swan 30 June | 14:45
I kinda like it too, though I'm a tad disappointed that her iconic tiara has been de-emphasized. The bracelets look more practical in that they offer more bullet-protection. And, pace Rob Liefeld, pockets ARE useful. Look how Spider-Man has to weave his little dittybag for his street clothes all the time.....
posted by BitterOldPunk 30 June | 20:36
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