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28 June 2010

Someone's got a case of the Mondays and I think it's MetaChat. What's going on out there today? Show us some pieces of flair in this thread.
I can't right now, I have to file this damn TPS report first. Later on, I will demonstrate my commitment to Sparkle Motion, I just can't right now.
posted by msali 28 June | 12:20
Here's a picture from my weekend of driving and having a GREAT time! This is en route to Montreal, before we drove to Boston for a Saturday night show. I'm in the green t-shirt :-)

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by richat 28 June | 12:21
Ate some fried clams yesterday, and my stomach is not happy. Not too awful, but it feels like I ate some aspirin without any food or something. Plus all my co-workers are out so I have no one to talk to. This Monday can't end soon enough.
posted by Melismata 28 June | 12:29
Hm, maybe it's a good thing LT and I didn't stop at the Clam Box on the way back from our exploring day yesterday. Hope you feel better, Melismata.

Cool picture, richat!

Yyyyeaaah, msali, I'm gonna need you to stay late today.
posted by Miko 28 June | 12:32
I am waiting for the BF to call me. He's at jury duty by my office, so we got to take the train together this morning. We should be having lunch together too, but he's eerily quiet. Perhaps he's been sequestered.

Also, Mondays are lame.
posted by youngergirl44 28 June | 12:34
Gave ocherdraco an office tour this morning, and will be at the meetup this evening.
posted by mrmoonpie 28 June | 12:37
Monday is my "work very hard so I don't have to on Wednesday" day.
posted by gaspode 28 June | 12:49
Here is my sparkle and flair for the afternoon:

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by msali 28 June | 12:59
I did my nails at work today. Shhhhhhhhhh!
posted by Stewriffic 28 June | 13:00
Wishing I was home to watch Brazil put the hurt on Chile.

I could get score updates here at work, of course. But it annoys my co-workers when I scream "GOOOOOOAL!"
posted by Joe Beese 28 June | 13:15
It is pouring rain and thunderstorming outside and my coworker and I are trying to guess when we will lose a phase here. (We tend to lose a phase or two whenever the wind blows too hard. As long as it's not the one that controls the roll-up doors, we're fine.)
posted by sperose 28 June | 13:38
I rushed and rushed and rushed and rushed some more this morning so I could get at least some of the million and eleventy things done that I need to get done before moving on Wednesday before coming in to meet my client for a specially scheduled noon appointment because I won't be in for the rest of the week aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand......... she hasn't shown up.

Case of the Mondays, indeed.

Plus, I know that next week's schedule going to be all screwy because if I take any time off, people seem to completely forget that they are in therapy and they don't show up for their appointments following my vacation time.

Also I really don't think that decaf was really decaffeinated. I'm starting to think that someone thinks "decaf" is some sort of barrista-language word for "super strong!!!"

The office manager just gave me a mini Butterfinger, though, so that's good.

Woo! Apparently my client just called and is on her way. Now I just need to get out of anxious-caffeinated-ohmygodohmygodohmygod mode.
posted by occhiblu 28 June | 14:13
Goddamn Brazil :(
posted by Daniel Charms 28 June | 14:17
≡ Click to see image ≡

oh hai n00 biek
posted by Eideteker 28 June | 14:20
Pobrecito, Daniel Charms :) Deus brasileiro. It's a proven fact.
posted by msali 28 June | 14:26
That's a pretty rad picture, Eide.

Monday is good for some things. I just had a sudden personal insight. I'm supposed to be a meeting in 2 minutes downstairs, and I'm delaying getting up and going. I often do this. I used to attribute it to just not liking to switch gears when I'm on a roll and concentrating, but I just realized that it's more my social anxiety surfacing. Even when I'm not doing anything important, I don't want to be early to a meeting, because then I'm going to have to pass the time in idle small talk with other early people. And I find that difficult. So I just realized that my lifelong habit of trying to walk in just as things get rolling is actually based in my mild fear of unstructured interpersonal interaction rather than hyperfocus. Hm.
posted by Miko 28 June | 14:30
msali: oh well, at least The Netherlands won't be going to lose to some loser team this time.
posted by Daniel Charms 28 June | 14:55
I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from 9 to 11.
posted by Elsa 28 June | 15:02
My computer has the gamevance virus boo fuck, malwarebytes found a whole bunch of other stuff but not that, now I'm trying avira, it's not finding it either. ARGH. I specifically took all day yesterday and most of today away from the computer to get other stuff done & I come back to it & all I can do is try to eliminate a virus ARGH GRAR ARGH GRAR GRAR MORPHS INTO SHOUTING THREAD. . .

posted by mygothlaundry 28 June | 15:23
I want the jacket/helmet combo of the girl on your bike, Eid. Even though I don't have a motorcycle. I just want to walk around wearing that.
posted by iconomy 28 June | 15:29
Yeah, it's Monday all right. I'm finding holes left right and center in the way my folks are doing things. It's embarassing to have another manager tell me that someone's emailed him to ask what's going on with my folks.
posted by lysdexic 28 June | 15:41
Work has the great advantage of being air-conditioned. After a weekend of 88 degree temperatures with 80% humidity, I'm happy to be back in my sealed office.
posted by octothorpe 28 June | 15:50
It turns out that the BF is not sequestered, but is going through the interview process. Yuck. We didn't get to have lunch because I was scared of making him late going back in the courthouse. So I have not eaten. Boo.
posted by youngergirl44 28 June | 16:02
I just got up.
posted by Ardiril 28 June | 16:11
Oh yay, copying a photo URL on my phone and posting it to MetaChat works! *still figuring these things out*

Here you go, iconomy:
≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Eideteker 28 June | 16:27
Let's all say three cheers for Spybot S&D. Hurray!
posted by mygothlaundry 28 June | 16:30
I spent 3 days up the side of a mountain in Crested Butte, and all I have to show for it is a crapload of mosquito bites, (potentially) a new scar on my shin (we'll see after the band-aid comes off) and a ginormous pile of work. Bah. I take one stupid vacation day and my in box explodes.

Also: meetings. also, also: I had to drive the car today (BOO, HISS) so I could go home and meet the lawn guy at lunchtime to determine what to do about the huge pile of dead branches in our front yard and, BONUS: large, diseased, mostly-dead, scraggly-assed hedge in the back yard. Answer: PAY US LOTS OF MONEY, FOOLZ... or else the effing HOA will fine us EVEN MORE MONEY.

Verdict: being a responsible adult sucks ass.

octothorpe: true dat.
posted by lonefrontranger 28 June | 16:51
Miko, my social anxiety always makes me early for meetings, so that I can choose my seat and thus feel more in control of the whole process. But I always bring something to doodle on/with, but in a way that looks important, so that I can avoid too much small talk with other people filtering in.
posted by occhiblu 28 June | 16:58
But, but, the ratio of people to cake is too big...
posted by Pips 28 June | 17:55
I always bring something to doodle on/with, but in a way that looks important, so that I can avoid too much small talk with other people filtering in.

Genius. Thanks!
posted by Miko 28 June | 19:03
Fuck Flair. But at the same time leave the employees at places like this alon, they're just trying to make a living.

Also, i hade a fried bologna on rye with cheese and mustard today. it was good.
posted by jonmc 28 June | 20:01
This is en route to Montreal, before we drove to Boston for a Saturday night show.

Oh please do not tell me that you drove right down Route 89 and did not stop at Exit 4, please do not tell me that. I have been home writing all weekend. I think I may actually finish this book. Maybe.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by jessamyn 28 June | 20:27
Hey, that looks like a book! Or at least the map of a book!
posted by Miko 28 June | 21:13
Yeah I'm using this writing program called Scrivener which lets you write a book in sections. It's super great. I had a few of these pictures up on Flickr; the black sections are the sections that are DONE, the white ones, not quite done.
posted by jessamyn 28 June | 21:33
Genius. Thanks!

I am glad that my anti-social tendencies could (paradoxically) help someone else. :-)
posted by occhiblu 28 June | 21:57
I woke up at 4:30 a.m. with a migraine. I'm on a road trip, I don't need this. I finally drugged it into submission around 2:00 p.m. It tried to come back at dinner time because we were running late. I threw some food at it and it's back into submission. Yay Mexican food!

Tomorrow is Yellowstone! Hey, Booboo!
posted by deborah 28 June | 22:09
Red Sky at night...sailor's delight. HEre's to a beautiful Tuesday for everyone! Thanks Kronos.
posted by Miko 29 June | 08:41
Oh please do not tell me that you drove right down Route 89 and did not stop at Exit 4, please do not tell me that.

Well, I would like to NOT tell you that. However I'd be lying. I WAS SO IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD.
posted by richat 29 June | 09:07

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Next time, stop by.
posted by jessamyn 29 June | 09:21
I wish I could have...we were on a pretty tight schedule I'm afraid. We had 745 miles to cover on Sunday, and everyone had to be at work Monday morning. But BOOO.
posted by richat 29 June | 09:53
I've always found this move from Marilyn Manson kinda funny: || The Twinkie: 37 or So Ingredients