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27 June 2010

Meetup crosspost Chicago! July 23rd!
Wow .. I would love to come to this. I've never been to a meetup. We live in the northern suburbs. Sometimes the idea of getting downtown seems insurmountable. But I would love to meet you. I'll keep an eye on the meetup thread and maybe I can figure out a way to be there. Safe travels!
posted by Kangaroo 27 June | 14:11
Kangaroo: What suburb do you live in? I may be able to offer some logistical help - I lived in the northern suburbs for quite a while before moving to the city proper.
posted by youngergirl44 27 June | 14:22
I look forward to this. But I'm going to New Orleans that week and it's a huge project deadline at work. . . .
posted by crush-onastick 27 June | 14:45
Well, Kangaroo, I'm going to make sure to go to Skokie to a deli I have been missing, so maybe we can have lunch/snack if it's easier to get to that way? I have another friend (from #bunnies) who lives in Skokie.
posted by Stewriffic 27 June | 14:48
We live in Lincolnshire, right between Highland Park and Lake Forest. It's not that I don't know how to get into the city, just that finding someone who can watch my kid and actually committing to doing it is hard sometimes. But I will seriously give it a try for this.
posted by Kangaroo 27 June | 15:03
Ooooooohhhhh Skokie I can do! And I love delis! Chances are good that I can do this. I realize now I won't make the actual meetup as my hubby will be overseas for work that week. But a deli in Skokie .. hopeful.
posted by Kangaroo 27 June | 15:06

Right off 94 on Dempster! Used to go there as a kid on the way from MI to Chicago to Milwaukee. NOM. Corned beef sandwich, pickle, cookies from the bakery side. YUM. I've been jonesing for it since I remembered about it sometime last winter.
posted by Stewriffic 27 June | 15:34
OK. Email is in my profile. Let's plan on this. I am really looking forward to it.
posted by Kangaroo 27 June | 17:01
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