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26 June 2010

have discovered that Axe scents break down in a sickly way when combined with formal textiles & high heat/sweat[More:]

Am gonna have to explore the usage of non-scented deos, and consider undershirts, and pay more attention to using cologne for scents. (The other problem with scented deos is that I like to use a fair amount including re-application and the scent is fairly lasting on clothes/skin so that's also not the most tasteful/considerate approach.)

How's it supposed to work when everything has its own scent anyway.

Like, if you put something in your closet for your clothes that's gonna have it's own scent. Then your detergent (and/or softener) is gonna have its own scent. Same if you put something like a sachet in the dryer. Then your toothbrush, mouthwash, soap/body wash, shampoo, conditioner, facewash, shaving cream, aftershave, moisturizer etc. all have their own scents. This is before we get into the more natural smells in the textiles & your skin. etc. Of course sometimes it's useful to have different fragrances (like scents from shampoo left on hair that can only be smelled up real close). I guess the other mitigating factor is that a lot of these fade out quick. But still, you know? It's a barrage.

Plus they probably done clubbed baby seals to create these chemical scents anyway. It's a scam I tell you.
I have noticed a distinct difference in natural body odor depending on what the person eats or drinks. Cologne fades, but if you still smell good after you sweat, that's really sexy.
posted by desjardins 26 June | 12:42
Axe scents? You mean like after you use it to kill a skunk?
posted by DarkForest 26 June | 12:45
Axe smells disgusting anyway, so win-win for you.
posted by grouse 26 June | 12:57
:) he means Axe brand deodorant.

My husband always uses antipersperant/deodorant to keep the sweat & smell down.

As for conflicting scents, you could use the no-dye/no-scent detergents and softeners. Technically I use a scented soap, but the vinegar in the rinse takes care of that.

What do you scent your closet with? I use cedar bedding in old socks. This doesn't seem to overwhelm the clothes.

Thinking about the other things, Aren't there whole lines of coordinated scented products? Like say Suave will have coconut lavender vanilla shampoo, conditioner, soap, and deodorant?

Now mostly it's ladies that do this, but have you considered dress shields?
posted by lysdexic 26 June | 13:01
thanks lysdexic. Yeah I was kinda being facetious about listing all those scents (I don't put anything in my closet). The main problem was like button-up shirts (as opposed to the t-shirts I usually wear) aren't playing well with the deo so the undershirt thing is something I should look into for wearing with those, it's pretty common for a lot of people to wear them anyway. Also maybe the quality of the formal shirt is something to consider, higher quality (& softer fabrics) might mean better results on that front.
posted by Firas 26 June | 15:46
hmm I wasn't really thinking about sex appeal aspects here but good point desjardins. what kinda food? does pineapple juice count as a 2-in-1? *stocks up*
posted by Firas 26 June | 15:48
patchouli trumps all
posted by not_on_display 26 June | 17:09
One guy I dated ate a lot of fruits and veggies - he wasn't vegetarian, but generally ate fairly well. He also tended to prefer red wine over other alcohol. He smelled great.. like, always. Another guy I dated ate mostly fast food and drank soda. He did not smell so great unless he was fresh out of the shower. They were about the same weight and both showered regularly. I'm sure some of it is genetics but it seemed to make a difference when Mr. Fast Food had the occasional good meal.

And yes, pineapple juice really works. ;)
posted by desjardins 26 June | 18:28
Just realized while at a pharmacy that you can add powder (like talcum or more specialized heat-remedying powders) to your arsenal on these things too.
posted by Firas 29 June | 14:49
You're the world's greatest mom in the world || I'm having a party on Friday and two of my circle of friends don't get along.