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23 June 2010

Tornado Sirens in Chicago I'm still at work and the sirens came on because of the storm. I had no idea what to do, so I hung out in the bathroom for a while. The sirens went off, but it's still nasty outside and I'm kinda scared. Hold me?
:::sends an elementary math textbook for you to put over your neck:::

Now quick, to the cloakroom!
posted by Stewriffic 23 June | 18:32
That does sound scary! Is no one else around?
posted by gomichild 23 June | 18:38
I wish you all the best in whatever weather comes your way. Tornadoes scare me for their randomness, where earthquakes and fires are things I can comprehends and address.
posted by filthy light thief 23 June | 18:38
I missed Stewriffic's post because the sirens came back on and I went to the bathroom again.

There's no one else here except the cleaning lady (a substitute, not the one who brings me flowers). All she had to say was that a tornado will probably come, which didn't help me freak out any less.
posted by youngergirl44 23 June | 18:40
If it makes you feel any better, they taught us in 4th grade that tornadoes don't hit cities very often. Something about thermals or warm concrete or something. Could be bogus, but keep thinking about it anyway!
posted by mudpuppie 23 June | 18:42
I'd rather deal with tornados than earthquakes myself but it's probably just what disasters you're used to.
posted by octothorpe 23 June | 18:42
Those Godzilla attacks are what I find to be such a pain in the ass.
posted by Ardiril 23 June | 18:51
Can you go below ground somewhere? That may make you feel better.

Sending you lots of good wishes. All the odds are with you, too.
posted by bearwife 23 June | 19:00
I checked out the radar on Weather Underground, and yowza, that's a wild-looking storm front moving through. (I have to admit to being a bit envious--the one thing I really miss about having left the Midwest is the big whacking storms, with the sirens and everything.)

But it looks like everything has passed through by now, and I hope you're OK and feeling better! FWIW, the bathroom is a good place to go if you're at work and the sirens go off -- you want to be away from windows and exterior walls.
posted by kat allison 23 June | 19:00
I feel like I heard something like that too , mudpuppie. But I wonder if Chicago is different than other cities because of Lake Michigan. In the summer it's always (?) cooler by the lake.

If we're talking about earthquakes like I've felt in Chicago, I'd take them over tornadoes. Tornadoes are just too willy-nilly like.

Here's what the radar looked like around when the sirens started:
≡ Click to see image ≡

In any case, the storm seems to have mostly passed at this point, and my emails have been sent for the evening, so I'm going home.
More accurately: I'm going to the bar to celebrate finishing my big project, which is why I'm here so late today. Woot!
posted by youngergirl44 23 June | 19:03
Thanks for the good wishes, guys!! I feel calmer now.
posted by youngergirl44 23 June | 19:07
I just put my headphones on and kept working. I am so tough.
posted by mullacc 23 June | 19:21
Are you still at work, youngergirl44? Cause I hope you made it home or to the basement of your building at least. I heard the storms have headed off Indiana way.
posted by Stewriffic 23 June | 20:22
Tornado safety...

The things lurve the part of the world where I live (...AND there's the occasional Godzilla attack here....).
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 23 June | 21:01
The all day Tornado watch has turned to a warning in areas just north of here. Taking our kitties to the basement.
posted by arse_hat 23 June | 21:14
Third hour under a tornado warning. The tarps are still in place but leaking in two spots. A bit unnerving.
posted by arse_hat 23 June | 23:12
Postcards from Hell || Is beer that's been in my fridge for over a year still good?