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22 June 2010

We got lucky? So I'm watching this video, and I'm thinking about how much of it has come to pass. [More:]

Think of all the extinct technology shown us in this video:
+ Portable radio / cassette player. Who still listens to radio, anyway? Portable radios?
+ Records -- these are coming back!
+ TV? Try hulu/netflix, sucker! Okay, okay, lots of people still own TVs, but standard def CRTs are becoming rarer and rarer. I think I'm one of the last people I know to have one in the house. (Don't own an HD set, don't plan to. Oh, and the only CRTs I've ever owned have been freebies, so I've never actually paid for a TV. That's probably the next best thing to never owning one, snobbery-wise.)
+ Jukeboxes. These seem to be relegated to "retro" eateries. Why don't more places have mp3 jukeboxes?
+ Guitars. Even when this video was made, guitar music was on its way out. To the point where non-overproduced rock bands in the early 90s were called "alternative."
+ Mechanical slot machines. They're all videofied now.
+ Arcade games!
I have at least 6 portable radios. And I listen to them. And a number of other radios that aren't portable. And I know other people who listen to the radio too. Of course, I live in the sticks . . . .

I was still very much into listening to music on cassette up until last year, when I finally got a new car and it came with a cd player instead.

I think CRTs are much more common than you think. I have not one but two, although they are both relegated to the little room that serves as my home gym and provide video instruction or entertainment while I work out.

Incidentally, this was the first video that I saw on MTV when we finally got cable at my house in late 1982. Good times.
posted by JanetLand 23 June | 07:21
MTV music videos are themselves now an extinct technology.
posted by Joe Beese 23 June | 07:26
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