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17 June 2010

The cleaning lady at my office is AWESOME! She sometimes brings me flowers from her garden because I'm one of two people that's always here when she cleans at night.[More:]

I'm having a CRAP day due to a reshuffling of my workload that's not helping me and will probably end up hurting me in the long run. I nearly cried because Mr. Higher Up is not listening to a word I'm saying.

And today the cleaning lady brought me fresh flowers. There are some beautiful maroon lilies, some yellow ones I think I should recognize, and little purple ones I've never seen before.

I heart the cleaning lady.
Ooo you reminded me that I have blue hydrangeas ready to cut and bring inside. I luuuvvv having fresh flowers on the kitchen table!

The woman who cleans your office is awesome. People who bring little gifts from their gardens and their kitchens are my favoritest people ever.
posted by iconomy 17 June | 15:59
I love my cleaning lady too. I've known Myrtella the ten years I've worked there, and she hasn't been on my floor for years but I often would see her leaving the office at 7.15 as I was arriving, and we'd always have a catch-up.

She was really wonderful to me when G. died - her own husband had been murdered in Jamaica on Christmas Day many years earlier.

Now I'm back on her floor so we get to have a chat every day. She's an awesome person.
posted by Senyar 17 June | 16:04
I love cleaning people! George, our cleaning guy, and I talk all the time about the NFL & if there was an awesome baseball game on the night before & he shows me pictures of his dog & him with his mom.
posted by chewatadistance 17 June | 17:32
How lovely.
posted by gomichild 17 June | 18:20
I went to Mexico (Guanajuato) once when I was much younger. I will always remember coming back to my hotel room and seeing how the housekeeping lady had propped up my teddy bear on the neatly made bed and topped him off with my sunglasses :)
posted by Madamina 17 June | 21:59
That is lovely, yg44.

Prosze & Dziekuje!
posted by crush-onastick 18 June | 09:19
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