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16 June 2010

Photo Friday Advance: I haven't got a clue. Any ideas?
garden pests? bugs?

only cos I have some lovely pics of slug holes in my lettuce :P

handwriting / typography's always a good one, dunno if we've done it recently.
posted by lonefrontranger 16 June | 10:48
Something that could be a clue? "Look, Scooby! Maybe It's a Clue!" Detective/mysterious stuff?
posted by rainbaby 16 June | 10:50
I was just thinking about handwriting as a theme last night. Also, writing with your opposite hand.
posted by youngergirl44 16 June | 10:54

I'm not sure what has been done around here before....
posted by pjern 16 June | 11:04
Before I disappeared, I was keeping track of the suggestions and picking one at random from a hat. I could go back to doing that if we need structure.

Also, I've been working on the PF wiki, but it's not done yet. I keep getting distracted by all the posts that I missed over the past two years.
posted by youngergirl44 16 June | 11:10
Let's see, in the last 9 weeks we've done soft focus, other people's pets, food, darkness, macros, phone pictures, self portraits, black & white and beaches & oceans. Before that a quick & dirty googling reveals reflections, stripes, green, handwriting (that was June 07, though,) drama, double, things that look like faces, our youthful grandmothers, powerful and abstract. I didn't see but I know that two perennial faves we don't seem to have done for a while are pet photos and kid photos - as in, younger versions of mechazens. We could always do another of those.

I am a lazy, lazy person so I try to come up with photo fridays that don't involve assignments but instead involve just finding photos we already have lying around. If I have to make a special photo for Friday there is about a 90% chance I won't get to it and I think I'm probably not alone in this, although it is possible that I am in fact the laziest person on the planet.

In the same vein, anyone who would like to work out a Photo Friday job share with me - the oh so onerous task of coming up with a theme & then posting it on Wednesday and (theoretically) on Friday - shoot me an email; flissDOTvertATgmail. See above for laziness explanation. ;-)
posted by mygothlaundry 16 June | 11:19
Location scout...find a place that's like one or could be used in favorite movie?
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 16 June | 11:22
MGL: email sent :)
posted by youngergirl44 16 June | 11:33
When was the last time we did:
where you live
where you play
things you made

We've got a ton of newish people and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be nice to do some basic themes in order for people to get to know other people.
posted by fluffy battle kitten 16 June | 11:45
Your refrigerator
posted by Ardiril 16 June | 12:03
Photos of the last trip you took.
posted by TheDonF 16 June | 12:50
I second fridges. Both inside and outside.
posted by danf 16 June | 13:30
Oh, I like the fridge theme too.
posted by lysdexic 16 June | 15:25
So the decision is....?
posted by BoringPostcards 16 June | 20:12
Everybody likes fridges, so, hey, let's do REFRIGERATORS! Also, coolers on the theory, that, well, coolers. Inside, outside, whateva you got.
posted by mygothlaundry 16 June | 21:07
Also, coolers

Ooh, finally, a chance to bust out my Bill Macy nudes set.

Sorry, I don't really have one
posted by ufez 16 June | 22:28
OK, I'll post Refrigerators and Coolers, then.
posted by pjern 17 June | 19:23
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