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16 June 2010

Cut my hair! Or, you know, don't.[More:] The Whelk may have stolen this week's hair thunder, but my locks have needs. Specifically, some sort of semi-stylish low-maintenance cut/style (also, a pony.) It's currently like this from the front and side. I realize I'm not giving you much to work with, but if you don't help, I'm just going to buy some hairspray and do this from now on. My fallback cut is 3/8" clippers - don't let that happen! (For added fun, flip between shots 1 & 3 really quickly.)
I like it the way it is, but I do not imagine I fall into your target demographic.
posted by danf 16 June | 20:39
Do this. But keep the beard.
posted by Doohickie 16 June | 20:40
Oh, I forgot to say that the beard is negotiable. Doohickie, I'd just feel compelled to get a barcode tattoo on the back of my head or neck if I did that. This is the longest hair & beard I've had for quite some time, feel I should make the most of it.
posted by sysinfo 16 June | 20:58
You need a slight trim and then you need to style it in 1950s-tight and wet look.

with your beard it will be wonderful.
posted by The Whelk 16 June | 21:17
I'll second the backslick wet look, looks like you have that kind of hair that like to comb well slick, but doesn't really want to go "big". I think you need to find a barber that was actually around in the fifties and ask him for a proper 50s style. The hair is much longer on top than the sides when doing these, most cutting is done on the neck and sides. I also think your hair might be too light and fine to do a crew cut (also popular in the fifties), these can look strange when the hair is too light - also, they should be LONGER than the crewcuts you see on military men today, so that you can blow, spray and swoop back the front a bit for best visual effect. Else you risk looking like a porcupine.
posted by dabitch 18 June | 06:36
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