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16 June 2010

Bored at work three point status update! 1) BZZzzzzZZZZZZZZzZzzZzZzzZZZZ argh I have to watch the matches with no sound. Why can't they sing instead? How are the teams supposed to tell which side is cheering when?[More:]
2) nobody is answering my question about how to jailbreak my iPhone! :(
3) new relationship great however my mood has become quite dependent on his, learning many skills as to cheer him up :)
1. Not at work today.
2. #1 sounds good, but a freelance project has come up that's due tomorrow.
3. *sigh*
posted by JanetLand 16 June | 06:44
1. Have to finish a short report for a council. Have had over a month to do it, and now it is late.

2. Maybe having dim sum with my parents today, despite not having finished my report. (I have to eat, and it is my duty to visit my parents like a good freeloading procrastinating daughter.)

3. Doing rewrites in preparation for a wee show Monday.

3A. Apparently acting in my friend's wee show over the weekend. No one has sent me a script yet.
posted by typewriter 16 June | 07:56
1. Spain vs. Switzerland in less than an hour.
2. Gonna miss most of the match because I have a pilates class, so I will only catch the first half.
3. Yay, pilates! (Plus, SA plays Uruguay later on, so that could be a fun match)
posted by msali 16 June | 08:18
1. Just got to work from volleyball. Very sluggish this morning on the court. Late because I got sucked into the ESP-SUI game on the tube in the locker room. Spain was toying with them.

2. Rain again. . .

3. Summer plans still up in the air. Maybe a B and B on San Juan Island, away from Friday Harbor. (We've camped on Orcas a lot.) If any orcas are spotted from land in the San Juans, the West part of San Juan Island is the place to see them. It sounds groovy.
posted by danf 16 June | 10:06
1. watching Spain-Switzerland. still a little baffled as to how SUI are winning.

2. Also working. Gods, I LOVE working at home.

3. Taking this afternoon off, because in about half an hour I will be finished all the work I have until tomorrow morning. Going to slob out on the couch and catch up on my stories for a while. I love calling TV shows "my stories" because that's what my nana - and many other people, of course - called her soaps
posted by gaspode 16 June | 10:26
1. barely slept last night due to discord in the desjardins household (resolved this morning)
2. know that if I go to bed I will stay there the rest of the day
3. there is no chocolate in the house, which may be sufficient motivation to get dressed and go to the store
posted by desjardins 16 June | 10:32
1. My new cube neighbor that plays gospel music also makes some sort of pig-snorting noise when she chews gum. I'm feeling better and better about wearing headphones every day.

2. The BF is working from home today, which means he drove me to work. That was nice.

3. I really want cottage cheese. I wonder if the Walgreens down the street sells cottage cheese.....
posted by youngergirl44 16 June | 11:06
1. My boss called in sick for the second time this week, which means that everyone is doing the bare minimum amount of work possible.

2. I thought I was getting better, but today has made me feel super crappy. :(

3. Perhaps I'll start on my term paper today. Considering it's due on the 27th, that might be a good idea.
posted by sperose 16 June | 11:29
1. My supervisor asked me to audio record a session with some clients this week. I just listened to the tape, and you can't hear a thing other than me laughing every now and then. So that was a total waste of time and consent forms.

1a. I apparently desperately need a nifty new digital recorder thingy.

2. The physical therapists have just told me that I'm doing well enough that I can start coming in once a week, rather than three times a week. Yay!

3. I am eating peanut butter and jelly for breakfast/brunch. Yum.
posted by occhiblu 16 June | 12:31
1. I have made great progress with the ant problem in the kitchen, mostly using diatomaceous earth. There's no outside entry point I can find, but I've nailed down two points where they're getting in and out of the structure inside. Worried there's a big hive somewhere.

1a. Just poured out my chocolate milk because there was an ant in it. Blech.

2. Mom's bankruptcy is up in the air again, partly because we still don't have a rented apartment. I hope this works, it would be awful to give up all the property.

2a. Things just keep coming from not-exactly-nowhere but all at once. Insurance is cancelled on one building unless I quickly fix a dry rot problem. Stupid rehabber in 90s did not install flashing properly; my stupid dad never bothered keeping up with issues like that.

3. Still have drugs being sold across the street. Last night one of their "guests" had a car window smashed in at 2 a.m. They did not, so far as I can tell, call the cops.
posted by dhartung 16 June | 13:34
1. So very tired but have lots of stuff to do to get ready for road trip (going to Mum's tomorrow, trip starts Friday).

1b. Right eyelid is spasming due to tiredness mentioned above and (good!) stress about trip.

2. Took a hint from lysdexic and made my own trip map. Map is not complete - chances are some places may not be visited and some places not marked will be visited.

3. So stoked about trip!
posted by deborah 16 June | 14:12
Holy cow, what a trip, deborah! Looks like fun.

1. Left foot is hurting, I don't know why. I have a terrible feeling that it's these really nice Air Jordans that I really love.
2. Work is topsy turvy because Younger Boy got suspended from summer camp so he's being juggled between me and hubby.
posted by lysdexic 16 June | 15:24
1. Autistic son of VP only lasted two days of his "internship" that was supposed to be 2 weeks (not 1 as previously stated). We got some bullshit story that totally whitewashed the facts; among other things I'm betting that the higher-ups found out that she was trying to have our department get him to do things that she herself couldn't get him to do. And babysit.

2. Have a huge craving for prosciutto and cheese (not necessarily together). Think my salt levels might be a little low?

3. In regards to #1, it's really annoying that in order to be a VP or a higher-up, part of the requirement is that you need to be mean to others/bullying. There have to be nicer ways to be able to make more money.
posted by Melismata 16 June | 15:41
4. Had a craving for pineapple and cottage cheese. Stopped and picked up both. Will have for breakfast tomorrow!
posted by danf 16 June | 17:51
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