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15 June 2010

OMGWTFBBQ road trip *Deep breath* Ok, I'm going to be driving to Florida from TX in July and August. Anyone along the way want to meet up?[More:]
It'll be me and the two boys, and possibly my little brother. Tentative plans have him meeting us in Dallas and driving with us to Florida, then I'll drive solo back.

Stops so far include Birmingham, AL, to meet a challenge from BitterOldPunk, and Zachary, LA to see ColdChef, because everyone should see ColdChef.
What part of Florida are you heading to?
posted by LoriFLA 15 June | 18:38
Ooh! If you make it as far north as Atlanta, let's meet up! (Though if I were you I'd cut across Georgia way to the south of here.)
posted by BoringPostcards 15 June | 20:09
Ft. Pierce, Port St. Lucie, DelRay Beach. Open to stops along the way. :)
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 20:10
Looking at the map BP, that may be a little out of range, but I'll keep it in mind.

Almost forgot, a stop in the DF/W area as well.
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 20:30
Post up when you're gonna be in DFW. If I can get over for a meetup somewhere, I will. Where are you starting from?
posted by Doohickie 15 June | 21:17
Starting from Lubbock on July 17th. Going to see my old college roomie and head out for the rest of the trip on the 18th.
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 21:54
Link to trip map (so far)
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 22:04
TheDonF and I will be driving from Florida to Oregon sometime later this summer. We'll keep you posted in case we cross paths!
posted by Specklet 16 June | 02:24
If you take the 95 South route I can meet with you in the Daytona Beach area if you're up for it. It looks like a great trip!
posted by LoriFLA 16 June | 10:50
It's on the way to the Space Center, so yep! I'll add a pin.
posted by lysdexic 16 June | 11:00
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