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15 June 2010

101 Physical Things That Can Be Reduced In Your Home. I have been feeling the weight of too much stuff lately, so articles like this interest me very much.
If I got rid of the kids, I would just get more cats.
posted by Ardiril 15 June | 15:39
All the stuff on that list that I have, I like having around.

I mean, RAKES? I'll be happier for getting rid of my rake?
posted by danf 15 June | 15:42
I think they mean extra ones, danf. I have two rakes - one normal garden rake and one leaf rake (living in a forest, believe me, you need a leaf rake). Any more than that would be superfluous.

posted by Senyar 15 June | 15:52
The greatest reducer is a major move. When you have to pack everything you own into as little space as possible and move it a couple hundred (or thousand) miles, you realize you really don't need three sets of dishes and two spare sets of wine glasses.
posted by filthy light thief 15 June | 15:57
I rip all CDs to mp3 then send them to the secondhand store. With DVDs I toss the case out and the DVD gets put into a disk book. Saves a lot of space. Any old video tapes have been digitized. I am ruthless about getting rid of books keeping only a select few. Any clothes I haven't worn in a year go to charity or in the trash.
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 16:23
I have several rakes. But I just let the leaves stay where they fall.
posted by DarkForest 15 June | 16:35
I'm pretty on board with this. I know I have somewhere around one million candles and a thousand assorted holders.

But rolls of duct tape? I have one. Who keeps so much duct tape that it's in their way? And I'm sure 90 through 94 could be condensed into one or two points.

#98 - Alcohol. No way. There is always room for alcohol.
posted by youngergirl44 15 June | 16:48
I laughed at Photography Supplies and everything having to do with the kitchen. No thank you.
posted by rhapsodie 15 June | 18:56
I like giving things away, so periodically clean closet of clothes and sift out books I've read and don't love passionately. My husband and I are moving toward having a garage sale, too, and I think that will be neat as well. But I must admit that in the end I plan to keep a heck of a lot of stuff. I like stuff.
posted by bearwife 15 June | 18:59
Oh, I like stuff too, which is why I have lots of it. What's happened is, I just got back from visiting my mother, and she gave me lots of stuff, and when I got home and unpacked it, and tried to figure out where to put it, I suddenly realized, I Have Too Much Stuff. So now I'm on a Get Rid Of All This Stuff kick. Anybody want a crystal punch bowl?
posted by JanetLand 15 June | 19:11
Oh man, my dad has been unloading a hoard of stuff on me too. I got the crystal punch bowl set (seriously, who uses those outside of proms?) and some silver serving stuff that no one has bothered to polish since I moved out 30 years ago because that was my chore.
posted by jamaro 15 June | 20:24
Alcohol and plastic toys? There goes beer pong.

We could use a serious declutter, though. We have boxes from our last move seven years ago we've never unpacked. I think the remains of our old roommate may be in there.

I was considering JunkLuggers. We might need two truckloads, though, and it's $600/truckload, labor included. Still, the thought of folks coming and carting it all away in an afternoon is so lovely, I may go for it. Maybe if we get rid of some stuff ourselves first, we can cut it down to one truckload.
posted by Pips 15 June | 20:33
Some days I feel like there's random junk generators in my house. I'll drop three boxes off at Goodwill and still not have enough room.
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 20:36
I really love celebrating Discardia.

Also: You can pry my pillows from my cold, dead hands.
posted by IndigoRain 15 June | 22:28
I ripped all my cds to mp3, got rid of the jewelboxes, stored the disks flat. Moved three times and the physical disks got all higgedly piggedly; everything is out of order and I can never put my hands on an individual cd when I want it. Had a couple harddrive failures and the MP3s are lost or on an old 16 gig Creative player that will play, but not mount as a drive.

Burned them to CDs for the car (which plays mp3 CDs). Uploaded everything to LaLa so I could listen to them anywhere. Of course, LaLa folded. So I went to Grooveshark, which claims I have unlicensed MP3s and won't let me play anything.

So, now I have a completely useless MP3 collection and a CD collection that makes me weep in frustration.
posted by crush-onastick 16 June | 10:23
Happy Birthday, bearwife! || Music sugestions?