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14 June 2010

Which words do you always misspell? Me? Broccoli. I always do one C and two Ls.
vacuum -- I always want to use two Cs

embarrass -- I want it to only have one R
posted by amyms 14 June | 22:19
homocide sherrif
posted by Ardiril 14 June | 22:22
occur. Occurr? Ocurring? Occurred?

Conscience. Conscious. In addition to the spelling, I can never remember which one I want to write in terms of meaning.
posted by Melismata 14 June | 22:32
"Naybor." I just can't remember the dam spelling and spell check never finds it for me.
posted by MonkeyButter 14 June | 22:35
All of them. Seriously, the list of words that I can spell on the first try would be shorter. One I can never get right is exercise (which just took me two tries to get close enough for spell check).
posted by octothorpe 14 June | 22:39
Judgment. Always put an extra "e" in there. Which is crazy, since I probably had to write that word 10,000 times during law school
posted by Twiggy 14 June | 23:20
lisence, er... license
thier, er... their
embarassing, er... embarrassing
posted by ufez 14 June | 23:37
It's not tommorow, it's tomorrow. Damn it.
posted by arse_hat 14 June | 23:43
I am a superior 99th percentile speller, but I still have to double-check embarrass.

I have been noticing that I make more typos in my mid-40s. I used to be a secretarial-speed typist and I still try to go pretty fast, and I think my dexterity is just not what it was.

Twiggy, I decided long ago that the spelling "judgment" was spurious (something of a hand-me-down from the King James Version of the Bible) and should be eliminated. The British rarely use it, but it's endemic in the US legal system. It's just an historical accident and there's no reason other than tradition to maintain it.
posted by dhartung 15 June | 00:10
Definitely. Although, ironically, I just spelt that correctly first time.
posted by TheDonF 15 June | 00:34
Lately, it's monthly - I keep spelling it montly.
posted by youngergirl44 15 June | 00:40
Not quite answering the question, but when I was five I would inevitably spell "egg" as "eeg". I copied out a whole children's book which was about a family of badgers cooking breakfast, all the while writing out "eeg". I can't for the life of me remember what book it was, but I can remember the illustrations and my handiwork which I was so proud of, misspelling and all.
posted by ooga_booga 15 June | 01:01
Whenever I type rotten, as in, it comes out as rotton.
posted by IndigoRain 15 June | 01:03
"Commercial." Not because I can't remember how to spell it, but because I'm a fast typist and the rhythm of touch-typing invariably leads me to spell it "commerical" for some reason.

(Also, "rhythm", as that last sentence just made me realize.)
posted by Rhaomi 15 June | 01:16
Recommend, necessarily, license, receive (any ie/ei word), rhythm. I'm a recovering dyslexic.
posted by doctor_negative 15 June | 03:02
Exersize. Tommorrow. Spetember. (Last one more of a typo than not knowing how to spell...)
posted by Specklet 15 June | 03:06
Cemetery. I'm always thinking the last "e" should be an "a." Also tongue, which I always try to spell as "tounge."
posted by BoringPostcards 15 June | 04:54
posted by JanetLand 15 June | 05:01
Like octothorpe, most of 'em.
posted by Obscure Reference 15 June | 07:16
Surprise. That first 'r' DOES give me a surprise every time. Bastard.
posted by jonathanstrange 15 June | 07:24
gauge. guage.
posted by wens 15 June | 07:32
Vacuum, embarrass, rhythm, and so many more.
posted by LoriFLA 15 June | 07:51
I can spell but not reliably type photograph, graphic and similar words. It usually comes out more like "grpahic".
posted by maudlin 15 June | 09:01
I was under the impression that judgement was British, judgment was American. Kind of like traveler and traveller.
posted by Melismata 15 June | 09:12
Yeah, judgement is British spelling.

wrt British(or NZ) vs American spelling, I am a horrible mish-mash of style, because I pick the spelling that I prefer. Thus, I tend to write stuff like, "in my judgement, green is the best color ever". So yes to traveller and jewellery, no to neighbour and colour. And alway -se rather than -ze. (Organised not organized!)
posted by gaspode 15 June | 09:34
to many to count
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 11:36
I'm also a really good speller except those words (many listed above) that have one set (or more) of doubled letters. I seem to think that they should have more doubled letters than they do.

And excercize. I frequently have to remove that first "C".
posted by deborah 15 June | 11:48
Personally, I always go for 'judgement.' 'Judgment,' to me, is pronounced with a soft g, like "jud-g-ment" rather than the j sound.

I used to date a girl who always typed 'tomarrow.'

Me? I never mispell things. My issues are all in regards to usage and punctuation. After being taught in first grade in Louisville not to put a comma before the conjunction in a list, I moved to NJ where the Oxford comma was mandatory. Now I'm at the Times where the style guide says to omit the comma and I have to undo all my reconditioning.
posted by Eideteker 15 June | 11:59

After coming within eight spots of the national bee when I was in 4th grade, I moved and began sucking. In 6th grade, I got out on [looks it up] "wintriness" in my school bee. Okay, whatever.

Next year: "wintriness." No problem, right? WRONG.

My parents like to bring it up. Like last Friday, when my dad inserted it into a conversation about... oh, I don't know, grilling hamburgers or something. It makes me feel like pretty much every stupid-ass failure in my life will be remembered for eons and eons, because IT'S BEEN 20 GODDAMN YEARS AND THEY STILL LIKE TO REMIND ME.

No, I'm not bitter...
posted by Madamina 15 June | 12:32
'tomorrow' - not only do I always get it wrong, I always get it wrong differently. I can't even tell when I get it right - I rely totally on the spell-check.
posted by dg 16 June | 07:17
Heh, I have many, but I also used to misspell "career" as "carear" and accountman as accuntman but nobody saw the funny. Also, "up the anti".
posted by dabitch 16 June | 08:16
Similiar and brillant.

Grrr...some strange mental block there.

Least I perpatrate taht terrrible spelling problem here are the correct spellings:



posted by Skygazer 16 June | 12:18
Eide: the "oxford" comma thing gives me fits. Boss and I have gone round about this... He's educated in upstate NY where apparently it's de rigeur or something.

thankfully all my personal and the corporate style guides back me up on this one.

on the whole I find it's not so much spelling (I'm pretty good) as the crappy modern keyboards that throw me under the bus. I've moved to a Microsoft ergo (split) keyboard for comfort reasons, and unfortunately while it's extremely good for my wrists, the action is absolutely dreadful. I out-type it constantly, leading to letter omissions and transposition and the usual.

as far as personal spelling mine is a horrible incongruity of UK/US. It's a bad combo of British grandmother's teachings, living in Europe for a spell, then working for long stints as a secretary for many big Euro-owned corporations. Not to mention 3 British, 2 German and one Swiss boss :P Also, I'm lazy and without spellcheckers in place, it's flat out easier to type "s" than "z" for things like "itemise" and so on.

"traveler" and "color" and "gray" flat out look wrong to me, even as a native Midwesterner.

and then there's chatspeak, which is a whole other topic altogether. Again, I'm lazy. If I'm in a hurry / busy at work or otherwise engaged in multitasking, it's typical for me to just whack out a post/comment without bothering to camelcase or whatever.
posted by lonefrontranger 18 June | 12:08
Rhythm. And crystal. And McChrystal.
posted by bearwife 22 June | 14:41
and hors d'oeuvres. God, I hate that word.
posted by bearwife 22 June | 14:42
Fealty. I spelled it fielty.
posted by jouke 22 June | 14:44
I catch myself typing homophones instead of the word I know I mean. I also catch myself transposing letters. I wonder why.
posted by aniola 06 July | 21:47
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