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14 June 2010

Perfection. This popped up on my iPod on Shuffle on the way home today. I played it six times on the subway. It may be the perfect pop song I just don't know.
Love that song.
posted by BoringPostcards 14 June | 18:51
Fuckin' A!
posted by jonmc 14 June | 18:52
Suh! Dah Duh!
posted by The Whelk 14 June | 18:55
Good god, no.
posted by octothorpe 14 June | 19:18
Shit yeah!
posted by Hugh Janus 14 June | 19:19
sheeeeit yah.

{but I hate drummers on lead vocals.)
posted by mullacc 14 June | 19:21
octothorpe, I love ya man but if you don't like this song I have to wonder if you get this rock and roll thing....
posted by jonmc 14 June | 19:26
I don't know Jon. I loved it for about three days in 1979 and have been sick of it since.
posted by octothorpe 14 June | 20:06
I am a little disappointed it isn't Lady Gaga.
posted by msali 14 June | 20:53
...............HEY !! *Chair Boogie*
posted by rollick 14 June | 21:30
'sOK, but I can name ten from this list it didn't make that I like ten times better.
posted by dhartung 14 June | 21:34

I like that song a lot, thanks for reminding me that I should put it on my "workout mix"
posted by jessamyn 14 June | 21:49
dh, I love you like a cousin (I'm an only child, no brothers), but that 1980 hit list scares me enough that I'm glad I got out of the radio biz in '79 (but I was still writing jokes for some DJs so I occasionally had to come up with some funny intros/outros for them. Example using jonmc's song: "That was What I Like About You in three minutes. Stay tuned for the four hour version of What Kinda Gets On My Nerves About You..."). It's easier for me to pick some goodies from this list (and there it is at #18).

Casey Kasem-esque music trivia: Devo's "Whip It", KROQ's #1 song for 1980, just squeaked onto the Billboard 100 at #94... in 1981. But that's because Billboard's 'years' ran from December to November to provide lead time for year-end event planning...
posted by oneswellfoop 14 June | 22:29
I loved that song at the time when it was current. It was fun to dance to.

Until I briefly moved to LA when I was 21 and some busker who only played that song (kinda, he could only manage catch phrases and some of the chords on his acoustic guitar) managed to get a ride with my group up to the hills by the sign and some free beer. A little bit after that, he went off his gourd and threatened to hit my friend, who'd given him the ride and the beer, in the head with a big rock because my friend asked him if he knew any other songs.

Two decades ago and I still can't forget.

Man, I can't believe that was two decades ago. I should totally get over it and introduce my kids to that song. Downloading now. Thanks, jonmc, for the memories.
posted by lilywing13 15 June | 02:04
I like that song, but I gotta say I like "Talkin in Your Sleep" better.
posted by Eideteker 15 June | 11:44
I hate talking in your sleep. No offense, bro.
posted by jonmc 15 June | 18:46
Yeah, that song that is a perfect rock distillation of like a dozen or so great rock moves and the vocals are just fuckin' to die for...just the right amount of angsty playful teenage sexy talk.

I also like how they kept the guitars so twangy and raw sounding, even while the rest of the production is incredibly slick with that crisp 4/4 dancebeat.

The Romantics were an interesting band. Top 40 and basically just Rock n Roll, but those fantastic matching black (and later, red) leather outfits gave them quite a bit of bad ass, New Wave cred and yet super successful at charting consistently.
posted by Skygazer 15 June | 20:56
AAAAAAaaaah! || Marleena Shaw -- "Let's Wade In The Water"