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14 June 2010

Food you love, but others think is weird or gross. I like to cook elbow macaroni, drain it, add ranch dressing and cheddar cheese, and mix it up until the cheese is all melty. What about you?
Orange wedges dipped in chili or cayenne power.
posted by danf 14 June | 15:26
People still turn their nose up at mayonnaise on french fries. Also good on FF is chicken stew.
Creamed beef (made with turkeyburger) on a waffle.
Stuffing with turkey kielbasa.
posted by Ardiril 14 June | 15:29
Liverwurst. Just liverwurst.

Oh, and scrapple! Mmmmmmm, snouts.
posted by Madamina 14 June | 15:34
I would so love a liverwurst sandwich, but with my arteries, that would be like holding a gun in each hand to my head and seeing if I could pull both triggers at once.
posted by Ardiril 14 June | 15:42
Slim Jims. A friend from my uber-hip church caught me buying them once, I thought she was going to have a heart attack.
posted by Melismata 14 June | 15:45
Sammich with cheddar cheese, dill pickle, and mayo. This was a childhood staple, but apparently, this is weird.

Newly discovered: blood sausage.
posted by Specklet 14 June | 15:56
I've never heard of scrapple before. What's the consistency like?

The only thing I disagree with so far is blood sausage. I do try it again at least once a year, but I never like it.
posted by youngergirl44 14 June | 16:00
Sardines on saltines. Also, ANCHOVIES!
posted by crush-onastick 14 June | 16:05
LOVE mayo on fries, LOVE blood sausage. LOVE anchovies.

and I can't think of anything that I like that others find gross. The above all seem pretty run of the mill to me. Hrm.

I mean, I know lots of people that find *sushi* gross, but they are obviously insane.

posted by gaspode 14 June | 16:13
I have never had blood sausage, but I think I would love it.
posted by Ardiril 14 June | 16:20
Tripe stew. MmmmMmMmmmmm...
posted by ninazer0 14 June | 16:23
I find sushi gross. I am insane.
posted by Melismata 14 June | 16:29
I pig out on blodpudding (blood pudding) with bacon and lingonberry sauce at least once a month. My daughter now joins me in the red feast, but Danish dad just backs out of the kitchen slowly when we do this. What he is missing, he'll never know.
posted by dabitch 14 June | 16:30
Maybe my blood pudding was missing lingonberry sauce - I'll have to try that next year. :)
posted by youngergirl44 14 June | 16:35
Blood sausage and blood pudding are miles apart in taste and consistency. :) Blood pudding tastes (as a foreigner I managed to serve a bite to) "very christmassy", and is soft in the center, crunchy and buttery on the edges. (Since I fry in butter, all proper) The consistency before frying is very soft, that bread-shaped red you slice from breaks up easily if you don't slice right, it's basically just flour, spices and pigs blood.
posted by dabitch 14 June | 16:49
Right now I am drinking a blueberry-guava smoothie with tangerine sherbet.
posted by Ardiril 14 June | 16:49
Other stuff we make from blood: blodkorv (blood sausage), blodplättar (blood pancakes) and blodpalt (blood potato-balls) and of course svartsoppa (blood soup). I don't eat none of that.
posted by dabitch 14 June | 16:54
yes, yes you are Melismata! :)
posted by gaspode 14 June | 16:54
This should probably go in that True Blood thread. ;)

Also, I want some of Ardiril's smoothie, that sounds OSSOM
posted by dabitch 14 June | 16:55

Seriously. Breaded lambs brains. omg.
posted by gomichild 14 June | 16:58
I normally loathe anything to do with mayo but have an odd affinity for tartar sauce on fries.

also: caviar, specifically wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe infused with wasabi). OMGNOM
posted by lonefrontranger 14 June | 17:15
Wait. So blood sausage is different than blood pudding? But blood sausage is called black pudding? Why is it pudding anyway? I'm so confused.

Oh! I had beef sweetbreads for the first time last month and they were AWESOME!
posted by youngergirl44 14 June | 17:17
to add to the "weird-things-on-fries" theme: mr. lfr swears by green chile sauce on fries. That's some New Mexican comfort food right there, that is.
posted by lonefrontranger 14 June | 17:18
I wish I could a picture of the ultimate fushion food (and my favorite): Wasabi Herring
I've only found it in Danish supermarkets, not Swedish, but it's hella yummy!
posted by dabitch 14 June | 17:23
yeah, youngergirl44 , blood sausage/pudding of the UK variety is dry boring stuff yuck, while blood pudding on the Swedish variety is soft (center), sweetish and yummy comfort food - seriously there is not a kid in this world that won't eat several slices and proudly display black teeth. :) I've had both, can't stand the blood sausage that is served with fry-ups for example. I expect that to be the worst kind though, I'll try it again if someone offers a home cooked version.
posted by dabitch 14 June | 17:26
Pancakes, waffles or french toast with maple syrup and apple sauce. Not gross, just weird to most. It was a family tradition, but now that I don't eat enough applesauce to support buying any sizable containers, I've migrated to pancakes with maple syrup and peanut butter.

When traveling, I'll opt for the least usual sounding item, because why not? If it's bad, get something you know. Usually it's not, as I'm not particularly picky about food.
posted by filthy light thief 14 June | 17:34
For the brave - how to make your own blodpudding.
0.5 liters of pigs blood (you can buy it at the butchers)
3.5 dl beer (does not need to be alcoholic)
3.5 dl rye flour
1 st finely shopped red onion
50 grams of pigs fat in teeny tiny cubes
1 tart apple
0.5 dl melted butter
0.5 dl sweet brown baking syrup
0.5 tablespoon salt
0.5 teaspoon finely ground ginger
0.25 teaspoon white pepper
0.25 teaspoon allspice
1 pinch of clove
1 teaspoon crumbed Mejram (the Swedish cousin of Organo)

Prep the oven to 175 degrees celcius while chopping the apple into teeny tiny pieces. Sift the pigs blood into a bowl already filled with the beer, put in the flour and mix until smooth. Add all other ingredients except the pigs fat and the apple. If it's difficult to whip by hand, then whip with an electric mixed until the consistency has no lumps. Now put the apple and pigs fat in.

Butter a pudding or pie-dish, pour the goo into that. Cover with baking paper and foil. Put the pie dish in another bigger dish that is half full of water and stick them both in the oven. Let this cook in the warm oven for about an hour.

Remove from oven, let it cool in the pie-dish, stick it in the fridge overnight. The next morning slice and fry the slices of proper Swedish blodpudding for your fryup. Goes well with bacon, fried apples, lingonberry sauce - is super filling.
posted by dabitch 14 June | 17:42
My favorite totally uncool food choice is Pineapple on Pizza (but I prefer it with pepperoni rather than the usual Hawaiian Pizza's ham or canadian bacon; also with peppers and/or onions, depending on how many toppings I'm budgeted for); in fact, I like pineapple all over the place... in cottage cheese, of course, but in a much higher concentration than the pre-mixed in the dairy case... in salsa; after enjoying some Pineapple Salsa from Trader Joe's, I'll frequently spike a carton of otherwise unspecial chunky salsa with up to 20% crushed pineapple... with turkey, when cranberry sauce is not available (I've also tossed some chunks in with the sweet potatoes to replace some brown sugar - worked surprisingly well)... oddly, I have zero enthusiasm for Carl's Jr's Teriyaki Burger with the slice of grilled pineapple prominently on top. I think the combination with the usual lettuce, tomato and onion on the bottom turns me off, but so does mixing pineapple and beef; now that they're also doing a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, I may go for that, hold the lettuce. With fresh pineapple, I'll be more particular, usually eating it straight, but when canned is on sale, I'll stock up on chunks and crushed. The juice from the can? Do I have any orange juice on hand I can spike?
posted by oneswellfoop 14 June | 17:56
oneswellfoop: have you tried pineapple with cayenne pepper? Surprisingly delicious.
posted by youngergirl44 14 June | 18:02
Oneswellfoop, I'm another pineapple and pepperoni fan. I worked at a pizza place and got bored of the standard, I like the mixture of spicy and sweet (ham is too boring).

Melismata, another non-sushi eater here. I don't find it gross, I think a lot of it is kind of pretty, but I can't get past the taste (even meatless sushi, I don't like the seaweed).

And I also like mayo on fries (and just about anything else, really).

posted by doctor_negative 14 June | 18:26
Mustard on french fries
LOVE innards -- blood pudding, gizzards, tripe, kidneys, you name it. Also all forms of liver, provided they are not cooked to leather
Weirdest tasty thing I've eaten: Mopani worms
Favorite weird comfort food I like: hot pasta tossed with cottage cheese

Plus I always eat everyone's parsley. I really, really like parsley.
posted by bearwife 14 June | 19:18
I like sweetbreads -- hello, pancreas! hello thymus!
posted by Hugh Janus 14 June | 19:26
As a preschooler I enjoyed chewing on crusty dried blood scabs from my knees and elbows.

Been a while though, and spect that probably won't'nt happen a-gain. I don't get much in the way of bloody scabs on my knees or elbow anymore'n.

The thought of blood sausage makes me gag. But I imagine it must be like the caviar of knee and elbow scabs. And'n ya doan even needs to bleed...spect I might try that some time if I done drink enough. Yep.
posted by Skygazer 14 June | 19:41
Seconding scrapple. LOVE IT. (From the Philly area originally, which is probably a cause of this). youngergirl44: the consistency is crunchy on the outside, smooshy in the middle. You DON'T want to know how they make it. You just eat it. It's awesome. Here's a pic

Some people put syrup on it. Not me. Straight up, with scrambled eggs is best.

posted by Ike_Arumba 14 June | 21:43
Scrapple is ok, but I'm a headcheese person myself.
posted by Ardiril 14 June | 21:50
Peanut butter and bacon and banana sandwiches. Some think it is gross, others think it is delicious.
posted by jessamyn 14 June | 21:50
OK orange wedges dipped in chili are very normal. I take it back, after reading some of the sick shit y'all eat!
posted by danf 14 June | 21:56
Onion sandwich. Just bread, a bit of butter, and slices of yellow onion.
posted by arse_hat 14 June | 23:35
I'm with you, danf. I thought I was an open-paleted gal, but I'm kind of sorry I read this!
posted by rainbaby 15 June | 09:25
Onion sandwich. Just bread, a bit of butter, and slices of yellow onion.

arsey, are you my mother?
posted by gaspode 15 June | 09:40
Peanut butter and bacon and banana sandwiches. Some think it is gross, others think it is delicious.

Peanut butter and peach sandwich. Really good!
posted by danf 15 June | 09:43
Yeah, I have to admit this thread made me a little queasy last evening when I read it.
posted by BoringPostcards 15 June | 09:44
The restaurant around the corner from me will sell you Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwich for $6. I haven't tried it yet though, I may now after this thread.
posted by octothorpe 15 June | 09:50
Yes gaspode. Now sit up straight dear.
posted by arse_hat 15 June | 09:52
My Dad used to put Worcestershire sauce on a slice of bread, so I guess it's a Worcestershire sauce sammitch. It's pretty good.

I don't love the raw fish sushi, but the veggie stuff is good.

Organs, blood sausage, etc. Nope.

I sliced a boiled potato and topped the slices w/ pesto for lunch the other day. Kinda odd, but tasty.

Grits are traditional with fried chicken. The next day, slice leftover grits and fry, salting liberally. mmmm, grits.

And I like Marmite on toast. I wish someone would bring me some toast right now. with cinnamon sugar. Now, I'm hungry and must go find something yummy.
posted by theora55 15 June | 11:23
I like tripe in my menudo for the flavor. I can't stand the texture though. I just put a big chunk in to leach the flavor, then avoid it when I dish out the servings.

Also, fresh feta cheese and honey on pancakes or waffles. TEH YUM!
posted by lysdexic 15 June | 11:39
The mister grew up on scrapple and looooves it to death. I tried it, can't stand it.

Here's something I can't understand why he thinks it's gross: after zesting and squeezing a lemon, I dunk it into the jar of sugar and then eat it. It's like a fresh lemon drop! (And also 100% normal compared to the rest of the thread…)
posted by rhapsodie 15 June | 19:03
I was taught by family friends to eat a type of biscuit ( in a delicious but disgusting way:

Take 4-5 biscuits, put one aside, it will be needed later.
Holding one biscuit in your hand, start to eat another biscuit, taking care not to swallow any of it.
When the eaten biscuit it is moist through and through, stick it on top of the biscuit in your hand.
Repeat with 1-2 more biscuits.
Now find the one you put aside earlier and place it on top of the eaten biscuits, pressing down so it will stay in place.
You should end with moist chewed biscuit sandwiched between two dry biscuits.

Something about the enzymes in saliva and the texture combination is plain wonderful.

But I would only ever eat it in front of family or the friends who taught me.
posted by Betony 16 June | 07:30
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