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13 June 2010

This Is A True Blood Season Three Thread As is customary in the Whelk Household, Episodes of True Blood must be eaten with classic Americanan food, tonight is burgers with tater-tots and watery beer.
I have to wait on the kindness of strangers and just found Jessica's video blog on hbo. Of course, it crashed my browser. Reviewers got to see the first three episodes already; how i envy them. I don't know how i'm going to wait.
posted by ethylene 13 June | 18:36

posted by The Whelk 13 June | 18:45
It's too much to take and the Tonys cannot take the edge off. I have to fix off last season. I think i've exhausted hbo's online content and dealing with their site.
posted by ethylene 13 June | 19:17
Hoyt Fontynberry you have lost WAY to much weight! I demand you eat a cheeseburger.

You know I'd be happy if this was just homoerotic interludes and Pam threatening people in monotone. Show seems to realize it's prime appeal is going to 11 and having as many excuses for shirtlessness as possible.
posted by The Whelk 13 June | 20:57
But yes, very strong opener.
posted by The Whelk 13 June | 21:01
But, note to the show, I could care less about Arlene, et all and I am still buying the Vampire Queen.
posted by The Whelk 13 June | 21:03
not buying*
posted by The Whelk 13 June | 22:04
How did I miss this? Oh well, I guess I know what the BF and I are doing tonight (I hope it's on demand!).
posted by youngergirl44 14 June | 08:40
The writing seems improved over last season. There were a lot more funny lines that had me and my roommate cracking up than usual.

posted by kellydamnit 14 June | 16:17
yes, and they created a completely legit way to have Bill and Sam naked for what seemed like forever. (where has Sam Merlott been hiding those pecs? It's like everyone knew this season would me MOAR NUDE so they all hit the gym for a year.)
posted by The Whelk 14 June | 18:30
ok, i'm totally going to be shallow here, but OMG ERIC BUTT!!! squee!
posted by eatdonuts 14 June | 22:19
Oh the entire premier was NAKED MAN THEATER, I think the show is finally comfortable with being an up to 11 pulpy homoerotic opera.
posted by The Whelk 14 June | 22:41
You know, I was still in post-Eric ass shock (I swear, that man looks like he was carved by an ancient Greek master), I couldn't even admire the gratuitous pecs of Bill and Sam.

Also, don't like Arlene, but loved her line to Tara re Eggs, though.
posted by kellydamnit 15 June | 00:14
Ha ha ha, Arlene is not a good person as a character, but I appreciate that she feels authentic.

I'm still in Eric shock, when does that damn episode come on HBO Demand? Why yes Eric, I do see something I like. :)
posted by eatdonuts 15 June | 11:00
Okay, True Blood is obviously conspiring with my gym to make me go more.

Seriously, how many seconds of actual clothedness was in this episode?
posted by The Whelk 20 June | 22:22
OMG! It's Bunday! || DC 4th of July meetup crosspost