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09 June 2010

Christmas in June After my jewelry box was stolen from my home last January, one of the pieces I most regretted losing was, strangely, a Christmas bracelet.[More:]

I bought this bracelet a few years ago for about $3 at Value Village. It consisted of ovals with Victorian Christmas images on them, and linked together with a aged brass-tone metal. I remember the mental debate I had before I decided to buy it — I thought it might be the first step on a slippery slope leading to me wearing pink sweatshirts with sequinned reindeer on them, but the other half of my mind argued that it was so inexpensive and pretty that I couldn't just walk away from it.

And I was sorry to lose the bracelet, regretting it more than other pieces that were worth so much more, because I knew I couldn't replace it. I'd never seen anything else like it. I even had a look on Etsy to see if I could find something similar, but my searches turned up such a deluge of tacky Christmas crap that I soon gave up the effort.

Then, today, when I was at Value Village, I saw a bracelet exactly like the one that was stolen (or who knows — it may in fact be the same bracelet). It was priced at $10 this time, but I bought it without the internal debate. And I'm just so happy to have the bracelet again that my week is made.
Super cool! I have a similar story, but instead of having a jewelry stolen (a ring in my case), I just got too fat to wear it. I finally decided to get a replacement, and happened to find the same ring in a bigger size. Seven years had lapsed between the first and second purchases.
posted by youngergirl44 09 June | 11:00
While gone, I've missed your stories. :)
posted by youngergirl44 09 June | 11:01
Hey! Stop living in an O.Henry Story!
posted by The Whelk 09 June | 11:14
It's not like I sold my hair, TW.
posted by Orange Swan 09 June | 13:52
Guy De Massupant then, he was always going on about jewels and findings and secret fakes and stuff
posted by The Whelk 09 June | 14:20
When I worked at the Pentagon, as college student in the summer in an intern program, I worked for surveillance /air reconnaissance guys. One of whom always managed to make his uniform extra dapper. Officer Dapper was always suggesting I read Guy de Massupant stories.

I remember this every time someone mentions him because the reason he was always suggesting it was--I never got any security clearance, so I would often have to leave the office and keep myself occupied elsewhere and I would always grab whatever book I was reading and head out. Ofc. D would say "Time to go" and then comment on what I was reading and suggest Guy de Massupant. I can't for the life of me remember what books I actually read those summers, though.
posted by crush-onastick 09 June | 14:40
My housemate recently broke his favorite cup. It was tiny, and he liked to use for drinking orange juice. A few weeks later during a rare and spontaneous trip to the dollar store, I found an identical cup, bought it for fifty cents, and stealthily put it in the cupboard.

When he asked about it, I tried to convince him that he was crazy and that he hadn't actually broken it, but he didn't believe my tale.
posted by aniola 09 June | 22:53
Orange Swan, that is a terrific story. And Aniola, LOL, I would do the same thing.

I want a picture of the bracelet. A good photo Friday would be "sentimental objects."
posted by theora55 10 June | 14:18
Aniola, you've given me an idea. Trilby's broken one glass and one coffee mug since I adopted him, and I can't buy the same items new because it's been about eight years since I bought them. Maybe I should keep an eye out at thrift shops for replacement items so I can have perfect sets again.
posted by Orange Swan 10 June | 22:29
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