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05 June 2010

Here I thought I was gonna save a little money. I just cancelled what was left of my cable tv, $25 a month, and the rep told me that the 1-year promotion on my cable internet is ending, so my total cable bill is going to . . . stay exactly the same. *sigh*
But I assume it would have gone up if you kept the TV? So in the end, net savings.

We let our cable go ages ago and don't miss TV much at all.
posted by Miko 05 June | 09:35
I call the cable company, Comcast, every year to complain when the discount promotion ends and they extend it again for another year. We would just get rid of it and rely on broadcast, netflix and hulu but we get the phone and internet in a bundle and currently the TV part of that is only $50/month.
posted by octothorpe 05 June | 09:50
Call them back and tell them you're going to drop the internet too unless they can give you a better price. That usually does the trick. In today's conpetitive market, they can't afford to lose customers and they're almost always able to offer lower pricing if you threaten to take your money elsewhere.
posted by amyms 05 June | 10:22
Lately Time Warner has been funny about discounts. I called two weeks ago to price digital phone, because they're always mailing out crap about it, and the price they quoted wasn't competitive at ALL, and I said so, and the reply was basically a shrug. Today, the rep didn't even seem to care that I was cancelling the cable tv and made no counteroffers at all. She was much more interested in talking about the thunderstorm outside.
posted by JanetLand 05 June | 10:26
Yeah, I've read that the counteroffer stuff is much stingier these days.
posted by dhartung 05 June | 16:29
You could always shop around for a better rate, and then quote the rate when you call to tell them you're cancelling. It's worth a shot.
posted by Orange Swan 05 June | 19:23
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