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04 June 2010

I love everything about this music video: The New Pornographers, "The Crash Years."
Can't watch this yet cause I'm at work, but I trust BoPo's judgment on music videos so I look forward to checking it out later.
posted by amro 04 June | 10:50
That is LOVELY. Huh, I never watch music videos but that's fabulous.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 June | 10:52
I love their videos! I'm trying to remember which song is a cartoon involving Dan Bejar's hair . . . here it is!
posted by leesh 04 June | 12:02
The funnest part of watching this, for me, was imaging what it would be like to be on set with all those people and their costumes and props. Listening to the director going "OK, Airplane-Tricycle Boy - GO! Now, Pink Hard Hat Construction Workers 1 and 2,stand by -- Blue Dog Walkers, now YOU! -- Light Bulbs on Bike Guy, hold on a sec, ok, GO! "

While fantasizing about this I realized this probably wasn't done in all one take, though it looks like it was. Still, fun to imagine.
posted by Miko 04 June | 14:03
1. I liked it, but the video seemed disconnected from the song to me. You could attach almost any bouncy song as the soundtrack and it would have fit (or not) just as well, no?
2. Are the band members in there anywhere? Couldn't tell.
3. Reminds me of 1-2-3-4.
posted by mudpuppie 04 June | 14:50
4. You reminded me to buy the New Porno album. I love it, but forgot to download it when it came out last month. Thanks!
posted by mudpuppie 04 June | 14:50
You could attach almost any bouncy song as the soundtrack and it would have fit (or not) just as well, no?

The concept, yes, but this particular video, no. The actions are timed to the rhythms and changes in the song, which is one of the things that I enjoy about it. I love videos that are visual interpretations of how the song SOUNDS (as opposed to those that interpret lyrics).

The most brilliant example of that kind of video being this, which loses a bit due to YouTube compression but still works.
posted by BoringPostcards 04 June | 16:05
Can I just say that I LOVE THIS. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
posted by rhapsodie 04 June | 23:16
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