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01 June 2010

Holy unexpected iPad Batman! I am typing this from an iPad that someone gifted me! Wheee!
Quick try out all the drawing apps and tell me which one is best!
posted by gomichild 01 June | 16:03
...but what you REALLY wanted was a fur coat, right?

In other news, why won't someone unexpectedly gift ME an iPad?
posted by msali 01 June | 16:06
I was at an Apple store earlier today (protip: you know that Airport that you plugged straight into the wall instead of into the power strip? Yeah, don't do that. Especially when you KNOW you're going to have hellacious spring lightning storms.) and there must have been FIVE DOZEN people in there. At 3 in the afternoon. Buying armloads of gleaming gorgeous tech. I understand why their market cap has surpassed Microsoft.

I deliberately avoided playing with an iPad. Right now I have no use for one and don't particularly want one, but I'm sure that as soon as I touch the damn thing....
posted by BitterOldPunk 01 June | 16:28

So. Jealous.

It's a good thing you live far, far away dear Whelk, else I would go stick my tongue out at you in person. So by proxy I say, with conviction:


xoxo - lfr
posted by lonefrontranger 01 June | 17:30
Well at least BitterOldPunk won't laugh at my habit of shutting everything down and pulling all the plugs out during electrical storms....
posted by gomichild 01 June | 18:49
No, but I will.

*points and laughs*
posted by dg 01 June | 21:54
Gifted? You don't mean that they gave it to you?
posted by Eideteker 01 June | 22:47
Stick your tounge IN ME in person and you have chance at getting it.

The Mac Thing is so weird to get used to - so I have to buy things, wait how do I erase my history this is a shared thing oh wait god this is weird.

I have never had a mac device before, this is an alien planet.
posted by The Whelk 01 June | 23:13
you jammy jammy bastard /envyyyyyyyyyy
posted by dabitch 02 June | 08:02
The iPad is even more alien, as it's not really a computer, but you can (apparently) create new things on them (like drawings). The whole storage thing makes me feel weird. But they seem like seriously swanky tech.
posted by filthy light thief 02 June | 15:20
The iPad is even more alien, as it's not really a computer

For what most people use a computer for, the iPad, is in fact, a computer.
posted by justgary 03 June | 00:39
My ancestral home once had on the order of 10 various pieces of electronics fried in a single storm after a direct hit to the lawn sprinkler box. My mom unplugged pretty much everything in a storm after that. And being as it was Tampa, that probably happened at least once a week.

Also woo iPad!
posted by that girl 03 June | 03:40
It's interesting, it may replace the tiny red travel dell I had (The Dell Close) cause when I'm travelling I just need an open port to the internet that Does Things.

Note, all the Masters Of The Universe down in midtown manhattan are carrying them around they're starfleet issue
posted by The Whelk 09 June | 11:14
It was a long time ago. || The Magnificent Migrants