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29 March 2010

Any millionaire retired types needing an occasional personal assistant with many talents in exchange for a room? No pay required; have own fixed income, suits & tux. I tolerate eccentric misanthropes particularly well. This is not a sex ad. Apply within.
Why must they be a millionaire if you only require a room? Is it because you're interested in managing the millionaire lifestyle?
posted by Obscure Reference 29 March | 16:13
Damn. About twenty years too early. But I will definitely need someone like you once my plans come to fruition.
posted by mullacc 29 March | 16:20
OR: Because they would probably have a killer kitchen.
posted by Ardiril 29 March | 16:32
Note to self: Avoid using words like 'killer' in threads like this.
posted by Ardiril 29 March | 16:47
I am going to hit the lottery as soon as I get around to playing it, so I will keep your number on speed dial.
posted by msali 29 March | 17:06
I find the greatest attribute of a killer kitchen is a large walk-in freezer.
posted by qvantamon 29 March | 18:24
Are you carefree and happy-go-lucky in contrast to my stuffy and formal lifestyle?

Will you rearrange the books on my shelves in order by color and secretly keep two mischievous pet bunnies in the bottom drawer of the dresser?

After our initial misunderstanding leading to an inevitable pointed argument between us that causes much necessary introspection, will you teach me to love life again?

Because then I will live life to its fullest, after much mutual shedding of tears, especially when you are unexpectedly diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Please live, Ardiril! Live for us! Think of the bunnies! I bet I have that rare blood type you need, I'm getting tested tonight! I won't make the same mistakes you did!

I ... I love you Ardiril. Like the offspring I never had.
posted by jabberjaw 29 March | 19:10
We have a killer kitchen. And an unoccupied moldy basement bedroom. And access to one of the best heart treatment centers in the world. Hmmmmmmm.
posted by BitterOldPunk 29 March | 19:13
I just finished my Fed Taxes and am getting a wee bit o' refund. Oh, So sorry good chap, but I'm just a wee bit shy of the millionaire category... but we can dream together of untold riches for just one brief night and curse the cruel world.
posted by mightshould 29 March | 22:20
My kitchen's not great, but it has some serious knives in it. It could be a killer kitchen.

Also, I was a millionaire a while back... when I was in Turkey. I wouldn't mind going back to Turkey, if it helps (though I think they may've fixed their currency since then).
posted by pompomtom 31 March | 06:50
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