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26 March 2010

Dessert fantasy thread [More:]I wish I was eating an ice cream sandwich made with fresh-baked oatmeal cookies and homemade mint ice cream. Half-dipped in chocolate. Mmmmm....
Well, I had that dream one time about the Mojave, but it's really the Sahara that gets me going.
posted by desjardins 26 March | 20:46
I have five packs of sunkist fruit gems and some schlitz beer. my reality outstrips your fantasy.
posted by jonmc 26 March | 20:46
Those rolling dunes - hubba hubba.
posted by serazin 26 March | 20:48
I could really go for some rainbow sherbet. I wish I could get one with all the flavors though, not the ones around here that only ever seem to have 3. (And I wonder if there are other flavors, since all I've seen is pink, orange, green, and purple.)

Or maybe a citrus blast gelati with strawberry custard. I'm still pissed at Rita's for getting rid of that flavor.
posted by sperose 26 March | 20:58
the crepes with cajeta at Xcapulzalco in Logan's Square, which is closed, alas.
posted by crush-onastick 26 March | 21:10
Key lime pie or creme brulee or rice krispie treats.
posted by deborah 26 March | 21:22
She meets my gaze, and laughs. Will my gambit work, or is this the end of the evening? She removes the cherry stem from inside her mouth, perfectly knotted, wait what? TWICE?

My hands white-knuckle the table, while trying to keep my face passive. She removes the twice-tied stem slowly, letting it dangle over her lower lip.

I say, dropping an octave, "Impressive."

She smiles enigmatically, and then slides the straw out of her mouth, again, twice-tied in the middle. She tilts her head forward and drops it onto her dessert plate like a dog dropping a tennis ball.

By this time my hands are gathering up the tablecloth. I pay them no notice.

I cough, and say, "Nicely done."

She raises a fingertip, and bats her eyelashes like a schoolgirl. She then tilts her head backwards, as if there were something in her eye. She tilts forward after a moment, and a long silk scarf billows out onto the table from deep within her throat, tied neatly in tiny swatches of three-inch long lengths.

After a minute or two, she daintily dabs at the corner of her mouth, and wraps the scarf around her shoulders, daring me with her gaze.

"I'll get the check." I say, adjusting my collar.
posted by Lipstick Thespian 26 March | 21:25

(Specifically, chocolate glazed from Duncan Donuts.)
posted by Melismata 26 March | 22:18
I'm really craving some carrot cake right now!
posted by leesh 26 March | 22:25
Damn, I'll have me whatever Lipstick Thespian is having.
Barring that.... mango with sticky rice, all the way. Trader Joe's even has a version of it now that I would buy by the case if I could. I pull a Homer Simpson whenever mango with sticky rice (with mung beans on top *drool*) is mentioned.
posted by msali 26 March | 22:34
A piece of homemade pecan pie baked somewhere between Macon and Savannah. A tiny scoop of french vanilla ice cream would be nice but not essential.
posted by Ardiril 26 March | 22:59
Something with pineapple in it.
posted by tangerine 27 March | 02:27
Mango with chile, salt and lime, please.
posted by Stewriffic 27 March | 11:47
Screw this, I'm going out for ice cream RIGHT NOW.
posted by Elsa 27 March | 19:13
FRIDAY NIGHT WELCOMES!!! || Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"