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25 March 2010

The anger came from not been given a chance, from being told to shut up and sit down and act like a lady." (Joan Fucking) Jett laughs, the rasp in her voice heavy with passion and grit. "Once you start throwing that kind of shit around, it's war!" The Guardian asks "What happened to angry female music stars?".
Here are some great angry female music stars: I think The Donnas rock, Gossip kicks ass, Arch Enemy will burn your ears, Spinnerette (the Distillers too, same singer, different band) knows how to rock and Otep will just plan make you crank it up to 11.
posted by alteredcarbon 25 March | 22:43
What happened to angry male music stars? Look at the angry rock song list we put together. How much of that was new? The anger is out there, but right now, it is not anger's turn to be mainstream.
posted by Ardiril 26 March | 00:12
lady gaga is pretty angry btw
posted by By the Grace of God 26 March | 07:44
My wife gets angry at me every now and again. And she plays music.

Course, she's no star...
posted by flapjax at midnite 26 March | 08:58
To be honest at some point the whole thing becomes twee. JJ's guitar has a sticker that's like "girls kick ass." Yeah, and therefore.. what? There's an element of immaturity to it.

Another thing is that the writer has a strange cocktail of what she defines as 'angry' music. I don't think it's fruitful to mix up Joan Jett, PJ Harvey, Hole and Kathleen Hanna in that way frankly.

How is PJ Harvey 'angry' in a political way? She's just intense. If you're going with that then the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are angry too and they're still doing their thing.
posted by Firas 26 March | 10:56
It's a good article though, what I said above is more like a response than a criticism.
posted by Firas 26 March | 11:04
I'm not exactly a student of mainstream (I was going to write 'corporate') pop music history, but my impression is that angry women have been the exception, rather than the rule.
posted by box 26 March | 14:47
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