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24 March 2010

Humpday 3-point update. [More:]
1. The new microchip cat flap arrived today. Luckily it fit perfectly the aperture cut for the old cat flap, and so far it appears to be working just fine. By which I mean I shoved the cats through it so it would read and learn their chips, then they came back in, very cross with me for disturbing their sleep, and both went back to bed. So it won't really be until later when they want to go out again that I'll be able to tell if it's all working perfectly.

2. I have won 20 in an incentive scheme at work. There has been such upheaval in our team this year with people leaving and the rest of us having to cover their work that our case closures are way down, so this is all the bonus I am likely to get for this six-month period.

3. This morning, whilst driving on a country road in Essex, I saw a genuine NYC yellow taxi cab, identical to this. WTF?
1. Annoying-as-hell muscle twitch in my right temple today. I can hardly focus on anything because of it. Argh.

2. Still getting settled into my new edit bay at work, but I love it. Hung up my new clock today- this one.

3. Looking forward to the first night of sleeping with a window open, which may be tonight.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 March | 09:18

I am done with politics and have become far more introspective. This next time in my life is devoted to making myself happy, in whatever random, weird, unacceptable, subversive, unconventional ways that may be. The drive for achievement for its own sake must be squelched!

My new house is next to that of a famous astrologer. Who is also my new landlady.
posted by By the Grace of God 24 March | 10:37


posted by The Whelk 24 March | 10:43
RE Jan's microchip cat flap: you know, someone needs to build one of those and have it make the Star Trek door sound every time the cats' microchip unlocks the flap for them and they walk through. That would be awesome.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 March | 10:53
Cool clock, BoPo!

1. Day 3 of not being very productive. This cannot go on.

2. Day 2 of yet another sincere attempt to diet.

3. I have an appointment for a second opinion from a fertility doc tomorrow. Hoping for good news.
posted by amro 24 March | 11:41
1. Tapering off caffeine sucks. I quit smoking, I barely drink, I've never used drugs AREN'T I ALLOWED ONE VICE??
2. I just started watching Lost from the beginning (I'd never seen it before). Coincidentally, my productivity has tanked.
3. This is going to sound really, really bad, but the white guys reroofing the house next door have been there a week and aren't done yet. Mexican guys = 3 days (context)
posted by desjardins 24 March | 11:44
1. Tapering off caffeine sucks. I quit smoking, I barely drink, I've never used drugs AREN'T I ALLOWED ONE VICE?? I used almost exxxxxxxactly those words a couple of days ago, desjardins. Be strong! I am with you! You can do it!

2. I feel... mysteriously good. My chronic pain is a little less intrusive at the moment, I'm cheerful and energetic, and my writing is once again becoming more fluid and pleasurable.

3. I've lately been coming unstuck in time. At midnight, I think it's 8 p.m. and vice versa. One day last week, I thought it was Saturday all day. Today, I was eager to go to the Wednesday farmers' market... which doesn't start until the end of April.
posted by Elsa 24 March | 12:08
BP, I remember one of my childhood illusions being shattered when I saw a documentary about the original Star Trek and learned that the doors were just particle board, manually operated by unseen technicians, with the 'schwooosh' sound added later. As a kid I thought those doors were just about the coolest things ever.
posted by essexjan 24 March | 12:13
1. Got woken up at 6am by the cat yowling like she was being eviscerated. Went downstairs and found her staring wide-eyed out the sliding door at another cat that had decided to visit our patio. Chased off intruder cat, calmed down my cat until her tail went back down to normal size.

2. I really need to clean up all the financial papers that I disarrayed yesterday while looking for old W2s, but I feel as if I should organize them rather than just shoving them back into the closet, so I'm procrastinating.

3. I should probably also go to the gym, but I am also procrastinating on that. And I have therapy homework that I promised myself I'd do today, and I'm procrastinating on that. Sigh.
posted by occhiblu 24 March | 13:13
Essexjan: I was similarly shattered when they showed a ST blooper reel with people walking into the doors because they didn't open properly. You mean, it wasn't real!? :(

1. Treating myself to some SmartFood tomorrow for the first time in 12 weeks. It's sad how much I'm looking forward to it.

2. Didn't we just have a 3-point update very recently?

3. What is the mind? Is it just a bunch of impulses, or is it something more intangible? (Think that's right)
posted by Melismata 24 March | 13:38
1. Need to go grocery shopping very badly tonight. Cannot put it off any longer! Nothing to eat in the house (there's some cereal and snacky stuff, but nothing for meals). I had deviled eggs for dinner last night and bought a sandwich today.
2. Loving my friend on American Idol, but hate having to slog through the show every week. It's a car-wreck! I want to look away and I can't!
3. Way too addicted to Farmville.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 24 March | 14:05
1. There are 13 boxes remaining. Today was a good box day. I always feel so productive when I wash my hands and the suds are grey. Of course, this doesn't help me when I'm feeling all insecure at work because the boys are doing awesome stuff (like taking SAP classes and working on finding missings) and I'm just getting filthy and sorting through drawings for the second time. :-/

2. Tonight is my last dance class of this term. I still don't know if level 2 through the county is going to run (although signs are pointing to no) and I have no idea when I'll hear about the instructor running her own session down in Silver Spring. I suppose this means I'll have to pick up my discipline in practicing on my own, which I've been slacking on. :-{

3. I have so much work to do before the end of the semester, which is the end of April. I believe I'm going to need to make good friends with Leechblock because my willpower at staying the hell of AskMe, here, and LJ is full o' fail. :'-(
posted by sperose 24 March | 14:24
1. Woke up with a migraine yesterday. Drugs and a nap got rid of it, but I awoke from the nap with a regular headache.

2. Woke up with a bad headache today. Drugs have not gotten rid of it and I look like someone punched me in both eyes.

3. Regarding automatic sliding doors: the mister likes to pretend he's using the Force to open them. I love that man.
posted by deborah 24 March | 14:42
1. I have mouse shoulder. I hate that. It's on my right shoulder, and my trackball is on my left hand, meaning that I'm too stressed.

2. Car update. The FINALLY got the starter in, but the battery is dead. And not just any plunk it under the hood battery - it's got to go under the back seat and cost a hand and a foot.

3. Mouse shoulder is worse. I'm definitely going to knitting tonight. Hell or high water, man.
posted by lysdexic 24 March | 14:46
1. Incredibly angry at 3 separate people. It is very rare for me to be this mad ever, at anyone, and it is reflective of the total clusterfuck that is my life right now that this is happening. I hate being mad.

2. Passover is coming and stressing me out.

3. My kitchen is a total mess: dirty pots and pans, soil on the counters from repotting plants, too many things that won't fit in my cabinets, my friend's gross dirty coffee cup that she left here. I need to clean but have 0 time. It's making me anxious that there is so much to do and put away at home.
posted by rmless2 24 March | 14:54
1) Ground up knees over a period of weeks by running and jumping too vigorously.

2) Eating too much motrin; went to doctor and swapped meds for one that is absobed in the intestines, not in the stomach.

3) What? Given a note to not run and jump for two weeks. No play for Spot. Feh. Hello upper body exercise regime. Yeah.
posted by buzzman 24 March | 15:28
1. Spent most of the morning cleaning the flat. This left me fucking exhausted.
2. Gave my second seminar this semester. The first one was a bloody nightmare, since I was nervous as hell; today's was a lot better. It was bizarre at first to sit there with a dozen students, none of whom want to answer my questions (all hoping that someone else will do it), but I'm slowly starting to get used to it. I'm also slowly adapting my expectations: I've come to realize that it's good enough if my students can understand the texts they've read and come up with questions about them (some of them are actually quite clever); asking them things they can't find a straight answer to in the materials might be a bit too much.
3. I'm dead tired, but I can't go to bed yet, as it's my gf's birthday tomorrow and I still haven't packed her present (I need to wait until she's gone to bed).
posted by Daniel Charms 24 March | 15:45
1. Was having a great month but hit a mental wall today. I just didn't feel like doing anything and by the time I dragged my ass to run I'd already eaten so much due to bad mood that I felt like throwing up the whole time so instead of loosening mental crud during my run I just feel kind of horrible and whatever the pain on the top of my left foot is it's not getting better and I'm not willing to stop running on it. I might be an idiot.

2. Someone's using some kind of horrible loud machine outside and it's too warm to close the windows and I have a headache and I want to punch them in the face.

3. Seriously, could I be in a worse mood. I'm sure if there wasn't a loud machine outside I'd be able to find something else to complain about! Lucky everyone who has to listen to me!
posted by birdie 24 March | 16:03
1. The realtors selling the apartment I live in (I'm a renter) got mad after I denied two 5:30 pm showings and sicced my landlord/management company on me, so I got a stern talking-to and a warning that they only need 30 days notice to kick me out.

2. That on top of the ridiculous amount of crime in my area has me even more eager to move, except I can't figure out where I should move to and find this all too overwhelming to do anything about.

3. Trader Joe's didn't have any pomegranate seeds and I'm upset about that. And my kitchen is a mess w/ Passover coming. And I'm pretty sure the realtors are coming at 5:30 even though I said not to, so I'm doing laundry to spite them. Hence, I am a total crankpot right now.
posted by leesh 24 March | 16:10
1. Organic gardening class tonight. Who needs a class to garden, you may ask? I do, that's who. I am a complete dunce on such subjects, city girl that I am.
2. After months of being really happy that my teenager is acting like a grownup, he went and melted down like a two year old, and now I want to strangle him. Good times. Good times.
3. After hearing horror stories of flea infestations, I went ahead and proactively (over) treated the pup against that particular scourge. My vet said I didn't have to worry about it until mid-April, but I ain't taking any chances.
posted by msali 24 March | 17:20
1. Just had latest 3-month melanoma followup with dermatologist. . .all is well.
2. Going to the coast tomorrow to try to see some grey whales with their offspring swimming by on their way to Alaska.
3. Going out to dinner then to bed early for a bit of romance. . .it's what being old is like (if it's after 9, spontaneity is not an option) but hey, whatever works.
posted by danf 24 March | 19:00
1. I'm reading this thread & after almost every comment I'm thinking "wow, you sound like you need a massage".

2. I've noticed it's starting to get dark by the time I'm leaving work in the evenings. I'm already mourning the end of Daylight Savings which finishes here at the end of the month.

3. I just got a message on Facebook from a woman who was a friend of my mother's in the '60's.
From the short note she wrote, I gather she's not aware my mother is dead. I'm feeling quite shaken up, and I'm freaked out about the prospect of breaking the news to her, but I'm also interested in maybe getting to know her. I'm pretty stunned & emotional now.
posted by goshling 24 March | 19:14
1. On the road again - Melbourne for a meeting, then home tonight
2. Job sucks in multiple ways at the moment and there's no hope on the horizon until at least the end of the year
3. Aren't we getting a little eager on the 3-point updates?
posted by dg 25 March | 15:05
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