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23 March 2010

Hot & spicy food? Love it! But... it gives me the hiccups. Just wondering if I'm a total anomaly, or if this happens to anyone else. Anything really hot, like Thai curry, or Indian curry, some Korean or Chinese dishes... I'll get the hiccups almost immediately: right after the first bite. Usually lasts for a couple minutes at most, so it7s not debilitating or anything. But, anybody else have this? Or heard of it?
What is debilitating is my gaddam shift key missing, resulting in 7s instead of apostrophes...
posted by flapjax at midnite 23 March | 19:51
It happens to me too...sometimes. The more spicy stuff I eat, the less it happens I've found.
posted by jonmc 23 March | 20:00
Given its power to clear the sinuses, I wouldn't be surprised if it affected other breathing-related stuff.

Speaking of hot and spicy... I tried El Yucateco Chile Habanero Red for the first time today on some McDonald's fries. [Yes, I dip my french fries in hot sauce.] According to this, it's 5,790 Scoville Units. I found it no hotter than regular Tabasco - which averages 3,000 to 4,000. But that might be in part because EYCHR has a much fuller flavor. When that first burn hits your tongue, it's like cueing a mariachi band in your mouth.
posted by Joe Beese 23 March | 20:11
Me too, too. Exactly the same situation: with very, very hot (spicy) foods, and it goes away about a minute later. Sometimes I'll finely chop a fresh habanero pepper for a grilled cheese sammich, take a bite a*hic*nd damn what*hic* the *hic*ell?!
posted by Kronos_to_Earth 23 March | 20:15
I'm the opposite. I get hiccups mostly when eating plain white bread. Like the kind you get at Rudy's BBQ. 100% of the time. French bread and some rolls will also do it. Perhaps I can offset this by dipping the bread in sometime mega spicy.
posted by birdherder 23 March | 20:45
For some reason pretzels give me hiccups, almost every time. And I love pretzels so it happens fairly often.
posted by octothorpe 23 March | 20:50
hot food? Sometimes. I always thought it was because I'd unconsciously try to breathe in to cool off the food at the same time as biting, and so swallow air and kick off the hiccups.

Man, when I was pregnant my tolerance for hot food skyrocketed. The night before I gave birth, I ate a vindaloo that my husband couldn't even touch to his lips. Now, I'm back to my normal average-ish tolerance. Weird.
posted by gaspode 23 March | 21:03
This is all really interesting!

gaspode, that's particularly surprising about your tolerance during pregnancy!
posted by flapjax at midnite 23 March | 21:09
This happens to my friend, and his doctor said that hiccups are a common but often-missed symptom of heartburn.

Heartburn! Doesn't that make you feel old? Or like one of those blue-collar guys in the Pepcid AC commercials who look so sad when they have to turn down that slice of pizza?
posted by muddgirl 24 March | 08:01
I was coming in to say what muddgirl said. Hiccuping can be a symptom of heartburn or GERD.
posted by crush-onastick 24 March | 09:16
I get hiccups when I eat rice or drink soda but otherwise no, and not for spicy stuff at all.
posted by jessamyn 24 March | 11:53
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