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19 March 2010

Performance of "The Laramie Project" in Louisiana draws a single protester. [More:]...and five hundred counter-protesters.
To that lone protester:
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posted by BoringPostcards 19 March | 07:39
That's great! I'm sure it's a lot easier to coordinate your chants when your protest only has one person.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 19 March | 09:47
One is the loneliest protest you can ever do - do do do - two can be as sad as one but it's the loneliest number since the number one.
posted by The Whelk 19 March | 11:15
I love this: “Jesus had two dads, why can’t I?”
posted by Obscure Reference 19 March | 11:53
Is his collar popped? He might just trying to be ironic, and failing miserably.

(Or trying to look tough and manly, yet still failing miserably.)

Also, it makes me happy to see churches openly support LGBT. From the article:
But that “you’re not OK” viewpoint of faith and sexuality, said Keith Mozingo, pastor at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Community Church, causes a lot of suffering, especially in high school students, which is why he helped organize groups to lend moral support to the play.

Mozingo said he plans to ask the cast to perform the play a third time at his church, “and I hope they will agree. I really wanted to see it.”

A local church had their sign burnt a few times because they recently added "A Church for all people" with a rainbow banner below, but they fixed the sign and it's still there. Every time I go past it, it makes me happy.
posted by filthy light thief 19 March | 14:05
FLT, the Metropolitan Community Church isn't quite a denomination but it's a branch that specifically welcomes/caters to GLBTQA folks. But that's still way better than a lot of places have, and I was actually kind of surprised and pleased to see that there was one in Baton Rouge.

Also, did anyone else find it ironic that this was covered by The Advocate... which turned out to be the local media, not the national GLBT magazine?
posted by Madamina 19 March | 16:51
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