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16 March 2010

RIP my laptop - should I try to ask Apple for a new one? [More:]My laptop just lost it's third logic board. The replacement isn't covered because the last one was way back in '08. I've heard a rumor that Apple will replace your computer if the same component fails multiple times, but on the other hand, the computer is five years old (ancient in laptop years). I already tried hinting around with the technician, who was perfectly nice, but she didn't offer me any magical free stuff. Should I just accept that it's reached the end of its life and buy a new one?
Well if you go for a new one, they are refreshing, any day now (any day since January) so they will all bump down, slightly, in cost.

I am waiting for that so I can get my wife a MacBook.

(Is the logic board same as the motherboard, for PC's?)
posted by danf 16 March | 15:12
Yeah, same thing. Good idea to wait and buy a newly downgraded model.
posted by serazin 16 March | 16:19
Here I come to give you [false?] hope!

Apple fixed my old iBook a couple of years ago, after the LCD failed. I only learned of the replace-or-fix offer thanks to this AskMe, which links to an Apple page describing the problem and the offer. I don't know if the offer is still valid, but it might be worth calling to ask.
posted by Elsa 16 March | 17:08
I believe that it never hurts to ask, nicely. You never know. Maybe even if they don't replace it, they'll offer you a discount on a new one. Asking for help and being really polite, well, sometimes people feel generous and you might get lucky. Ask! You've got nothing to lose.
posted by Kangaroo 16 March | 17:09
And, by the way, no local Apple-approved technician or genius bar offered me free service or replacement or mentioned the replacement program to me; I called the number at the link, described the problem, gave the serial number, and they sent a pre-paid box to pick up the iBook. It. Was. Awesome.
posted by Elsa 16 March | 17:13
I've had great luck with out of warranty repairs/service on quality electronics. As in, month 15 of a 12 month warranty, 29 months on a two year, etc. Multiple failure of the same item on a Mac? Or the rarely used DVD on my pc laptop that dies anyway every year? Yeah, I'll feel 100% fine about making the call for the third time when it happens. Quality and service are why I pay more for tiered stuff anyway.
posted by buzzman 16 March | 19:07
No matter what, ask. Say it broke before under warranty, it's clearly defective, and you'd like it replaced or a comparable model issued. Don't hope they offer: they won't. It's a perfectly reasonable request, and the worst that could happen is that they say no.
posted by eamondaly 16 March | 22:21
Alright, I'm going to give asking more directly a shot. Then, if they say no, I'm going to call Apple and try again. Thanks for the encouragement!
posted by serazin 16 March | 23:27
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