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14 March 2010

I am in San Francisco! I've been here loads before, most recently a year ago - whats changed, what's still awesome, what's even more new and awesome? (also, who wants to say hi?)
What's awesome Whelk, is Oakland. Cross the Bay!
posted by serazin 14 March | 12:25
No advice as I haven't been down to San Francisco in about a year, but just wanted to chime in and say how jealous I am!

I miss San Francisco, and it's probably the only city that might ever successfully lure me from Portland. I miss Chicago too, but I will never again live in a place with those kind of winters.

Have fun! In what part of town are you staying?
posted by Sil 14 March | 14:54
Union Square, so blarg, but I can walk everyplace.
posted by The Whelk 14 March | 15:49
Yeah, that's the nice thing about staying in Union Square.

posted by Sil 14 March | 18:08
I wanna say HI! HI! I'm not in San Francisco. I just thought I'd say hi, repeatedly. HI!
posted by fluffy battle kitten 14 March | 18:09
Hey, welcome!

Some interesting things have popped up on 24th street between Mission and Potrero.

There's Phil'z Coffee on 24th & Folsom (you've probably been there, but if you haven't, you absolutely must -- the best coffee ever, and kind of the like Mission's living room).

Humphry Slocombe ice cream on Treat just off of 24th -- they have wacky and surprisingly delicious flavors like Bourbon & Cornflakes, Salt & Pepper, Hot Chili Lime, and Olive Oil.

Dynamo Donut & Coffee around 24th & York (almost to Potrero) -- best donuts I've ever had, and they even have one topped with, yes, bacon.
posted by treepour 14 March | 19:49
Howdy Treepour and thanks for the tips, you coming to the Wednesday meetup thingy? I'm meeting Digaman tomorrow in Haight for coffee and I don't have a any solid plans.
posted by The Whelk 14 March | 21:35
I want to say hi but sadly I can't make it to the Wednesday meetup. How long will you be around?
posted by tangerine 15 March | 22:44
There should be a word || DST - hate it or love it?