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10 March 2010

Albertson, James... 206-555-1212; Albertson, John... 206-555-1213 My husband and I are having a debate. How much do you think it would cost to hire Jude Law to come to your house and read the phone book naked in your living room?
Who would be the cheapest celebrity? The most expensive? How much would you charge?
Randy Mantooth will come to your event and speak about the importance of emergency medical care (despite the fact that he was never a real medic, only one on TV).

I guess any celebrity who's addicted to drugs will happily come to your house. Law? Good question. In the high 5 figures, I'm guessing.
posted by Melismata 10 March | 15:14
Oh, forgot the naked part. Six figures.
posted by Melismata 10 March | 15:24
Uh... what was the quesetion? question?
posted by Specklet 10 March | 15:25
What. Why? The whole phone book? How much would you pay to get him to leave? It would take days. You'd all fall asleep.

I would get the Kardashians becuase A - they would do it, and B - the whole reading thing might be funny. I would limit them to five pages. I would expect to pay $750,000 plus expenses. Which thanks to the heavens, I do not have.
posted by rainbaby 10 March | 15:29
Jude Law has a lot of baby mama drama and therefore a lot of bills; you might find him at a good price.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 March | 15:33
Which phone book? Just the white pages? Jude wouldn't do it for less than six figures, if he would even agree to it at all. Does he get to use the phone book to cover his manbits whilst reading?
I think the most likely celebuwhore to come and read the phone book nekkid at your house has got to be Sebastian Bach, of former Skid Row fame.
posted by msali 10 March | 15:54
I think the most likely celebuwhore to come and read the phone book nekkid at your house has got to be Sebastian Bach, of former Skid Row fame.

*shudder* The whole point is to get someone you would WANT to see naked to do it!
posted by evilcupcakes 10 March | 16:01
I don't think you could hire him for any amount of money to do that. He makes enough money doing what he wants that I doubt he can be incentivized to do something he really doesn't want to do on a financial basis. He has the freedom to say no - once you've achieved that, dollar amounts above and beyond that don't have to be considered the same way.
posted by Miko 10 March | 16:03
Danny Bonaduce would probably work cheap.
posted by arse_hat 10 March | 16:09
Danny Bonaduce has a gig on morning radio in Philly–in other words he'd do it for $500 and a couple Xanax.
posted by Mister_A 10 March | 16:24
I don't think there is a Venn diagram for a celebrity I *want* to see naked and someone I can *afford*.
posted by desjardins 10 March | 19:42
When Jude came to my house, it was under 10,000, but it was Joy of Cooking, not the phone book. Do you think that would matter?
posted by theora55 10 March | 21:09
He'd probably want at least a few million to do it, if he agreed at all. And he'd also make you pay the bodyguards he'd want to bring with him.
posted by Orange Swan 11 March | 15:53
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