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09 March 2010

This is why I ride my bike to work [More:] Landscape, with bike. This morning.
posted by Miko 09 March | 22:10
I LOVE commuting to work on my bike. It's one of the highlights of the day, tonight's rather chilly ride notwithstanding.

A year ago, I bought my wife a bike helmet as a gentle encouragement to join me on bike rides. I was hoping she'd join me for easy trips through Golden Gate Park on the weekends. She hadn't been much of a cyclist since she was a pre-teen in suburbia. A year later, she's riding her bike to work every day, navigating the scrum of Market street with alacrity. I am beyond impressed, and I am tremendously proud of her.
posted by Triode 09 March | 22:37
I keep thinking about possibly riding a bicycle to work, but then I remember that I'd have to bike on a 6 lane highway. (Also, I can't really ride a bike to save my life.)
posted by sperose 10 March | 08:12
I used a similar path beside the river in Wichita to ride to college and recreational activities, probably 1500+ miles a year. Proper infrastructure makes cycling as rapid or even better than driving.

And of course, what rhymes with pannier? BEER!

posted by buzzman 10 March | 08:47
Beautiful! I love cycling to work, except today in the driving wind and rain it was not exactly the most pleasant of rides. The great thing about it as a form of exercise is you can't quit mid-way through. This morning was really hard with the strong headwind but I had to keep going, which meant I probably got a pretty good workout.

Plus it's a stress relief and you just feel so much better all day.

Triode, I'm much like your wife. My husband started riding about two years ago and convinced me to buy a bike so I could join him on weekend rides last spring. By the end of last summer, we were riding metric centuries and I was commuting daily. I even tried to keep going through the winter, although I did end up taking a break in Jan-Feb. Now I'm about to buy a second bike because the hybrid I got for what I thought would be recreational use isn't really cutting it for the number of miles I ride now... What did I get myself into??? :)
posted by misskaz 10 March | 10:16
I wish I could get Mrs. Doohickie on a bike but it just ain't happenin'.
posted by Doohickie 15 March | 22:42
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