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07 March 2010

Academy Award Liveblog
Is it just me or is the production really, really "off" this year? The camera never really seems to know where it's supposed to go. It's too dark when they go to someone in the crowd. And the jokes are really flat.
posted by ColdChef 07 March | 20:53
And Clooney needs a haircut.
posted by ColdChef 07 March | 20:58
Is everyone on Twitter? Hellooo?
posted by ColdChef 07 March | 21:00
Sorry ColdChef. I'm on MetaChat, but I don't have a TV. You might want to check the next thread down. There's a couple of comments about the Oscar fashions.

99% of the time, I'm fine without a TV, but I have to admit, I'm missing it tonight.
posted by marsha56 07 March | 21:03
I only watched the first half hour (cause Big Love started at 9), but I am really glad that Christoph Waltz won. He is awesome.
posted by amro 07 March | 21:19
Ali looked real, Molly looked scary.
posted by rainbaby 07 March | 21:28
I'm on Tivo time-delay so that I can fast forward through the laundry-list acceptance speeches.
posted by ColdChef 07 March | 21:34
Just turned it on, I can't usually sit through the whole thing. I don't really care what the academy thinks is a good movie, they usually make such dreadful picks.
posted by octothorpe 07 March | 21:36
It's so lame this year. Except for the John Hughes tribute, the crazy lady who hijacked the doc short guy, and Mo'Nique's speech just now.
posted by initapplette 07 March | 22:02
What is wrong with Kristen Stewart? Is she just high all the time?
posted by amro 07 March | 22:19
Also no TV here. I'm never a big Oscar groupie. LT is, but he had a rehearsal tonight. Last year we livestreamed it. Without his impetus, I wasn't that excited about tracking it - plus, I didn't see very many of this year's movies, so I did other things.
posted by Miko 07 March | 22:31
What is wrong with Kristen Stewart? Is she just high all the time?

I truly think she is. I kind of like that about her. She's a part of the craziest franchise with not one but two massive teen heartthrobs, and she never looks happy.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 March | 22:35
OMG James Taylor. I adore adore adore him, but he sounds terrible tonight.
posted by amro 07 March | 22:39
James Taylor sounds terrible because he's so sad.
posted by ColdChef 07 March | 22:44
This dance number is exactly the reason I usually ignore the Oscars.
posted by leesh 07 March | 22:49
Yeah, what the fuck was up with that awful number? Changed the channel on that one, it was too infuriating to even have on in the background.
posted by kyleg 07 March | 22:59
If they cut that out, maybe we could have heard the best song nominees. Or maybe that guy who won for one of the shorts could have given his speech, instead of them playing him off as soon as he opened his mouth.
posted by leesh 07 March | 23:10
Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock.
posted by ColdChef 08 March | 00:12
Her speech made me cry. There, I said it.
posted by amro 08 March | 00:20
Watched most of it. I thought the jokes were all right; Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. had the best intro bit. NPH's intro for the guests was also pretty funny.

I did get annoyed at the woman bellowing out the results of each award over the PA right after we saw them, but overall I think it was smooth and good enough. I thought Bigelow was going to fall over there at the end, I wondered if she might have backstage.
posted by fleacircus 08 March | 00:31
No TV, and without much skin in the game (only saw Inglorious Basterds and, um, Star Trek to date), no impetus to stream. I did check Twitter occasionally (I have @trishalynn and @ebertchicago followed) so I got the key stuff, and I refreshed the Wikipedia page to see all the other winners. Sure was Hurt Locker's night, considering all the nail-biting as to whether it would even win Best Picture.
posted by dhartung 08 March | 00:48
I just wanted Avatar to not-win much and it didn't. Hooray!

(didn't watch either. Can't even remember the last one I watched)
posted by kodama 08 March | 02:36
Why is James Taylor sad?
posted by essexjan 08 March | 03:00
I am very upset that Planet Hulk was neither nominated for any awards nor received any special recognition.
posted by buzzman 08 March | 06:45
essexjan, he was singing while they showed a montage of all the people who died this year. And according to the radio this morning, they forgot Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur, both of whom did movies.
posted by amro 08 March | 09:40
Did they forget that Farrah was in the great movie Saturn 3?
posted by octothorpe 08 March | 10:11
It was not one of the better productions. Some of the jokes were good, but overall, pretty meh.

I saw the Hurt Locker, finally, in Friday night, and I am glad it won so much. Incredible movie.
posted by danf 08 March | 10:44
Some Oscar bonus trivia!

I held one, a number of times. A neighbor Stu Linder won one for editing a movie called Grand Prix.

It was just on a shelf in his house and it was hard NOT to grab is and pretend to accept it, etc.

It's really heavy!

He and is wife had an autistic child, which probably contributed to their divorce. His wife, who stayed in the house, pretty much drank herself to death.
posted by danf 08 March | 12:50
Oooh, your neighbor also edited Diner, danf, which I watched again, for about the 8th or 9th time, the other night.

I love Kevin Bacon's character so much.
posted by gaspode 08 March | 13:02
I also finally got around to watching The Hurt Locker this weekend, danf. We liked it so much. It was a frillion times better than the damn Oscar telecast which was boring and stupid. I'll never get that time back.
posted by toastedbeagle 08 March | 13:59
gaspode, I was in the middle of a breakup and we saw Diner together, so my memory of that film was not good. I thought it sucked but it might have been the company and the circumstance.
posted by danf 08 March | 14:06
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